Hande Ataizi using the metro

Hande Ataizi uses the metro: Beautiful actress Hande Ataizi was seen on the metro in Istanbul the other day. Ataizi, displayed on the subway, made a statement about the subway: "You are going without traffic, it's very nice." The beautiful player who discovered the subway is now thought to use it frequently.
Hande Ataizi, who is attached to the lenses at Istanbul Gayrettepe metro stop, said, “This subway is a wonderful thing. You are going fast without any traffic. ”
Hande Ataizi Has Discovered The Metro: A Wonderful Thing
Metro continues to save lives in Istanbul. Hande Ataizi reflected on the objects at Gayrettepe metro stop.
The player, who got out of his house in Nişantaşı and got on public transport from Osmanbey, was quite surprised when he realized that he was being viewed.
Saying that he was overwhelmed by heavy traffic, Ataizi said, “This subway is a wonderful thing. You are going quickly without any traffic stuck. ”

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