President Yilmaz said Samsun will Extend Light Rail System

Mayor Yılmaz Said We Will Extend Samsun Light Rail System
Samsun Metropolitan Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz announced that they will extend the direction of Samsun Light Rail System to the east-west and south directions of the city. Yılmaz's emphasis on the "south" is remembered, once spoken, "Will the rail system pass through Çiftlik Street?" brought the question.
In the last two years, the need for new vehicles due to the increasing demand for passengers in the day, indicating that the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz, in this sense, they continue to work quickly, he said.
Underlining that there are continuation projects regarding Samsun Light Rail System in particular, Yılmaz noted that they will make additions. Expressing that they will work to extend the light rail system in the future, Yılmaz said: “Samsun was the first city to build the rail system in the Black Sea. In addition, the rail system has encountered an increasing passenger demand within 2 years of its service. In this sense, the need for a new train was born. In 14 months, 42 more 5-meter train convoys will arrive in Samsun and our train fleet will increase from 16 to 21. In the future, we will extend the current line in the east-west direction and south direction of the city in the coming years.
Yılmaz's statement, “We will extend the rail system to the east, west and south”, will the “Rail system pass through Saathane and Çiftlik Street”, which is spoken and supported by the public when the project is implemented? brought to mind the question. Apart from the east and west directions, Yılmaz's mention of the “south” direction in his statement also aroused curiosity about what the new route will be.

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