Accessibility for the Disabled in Eskişehir

ease of access to disabled people in Eskisehir
ease of access to disabled people in Eskisehir

📩 06/11/2018 11:04

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, which gives great importance to accessibility in every point of the city and does not forget the disabled citizens in the projects it has implemented, also eliminates the obstacles with the free transportation services.

With the projects implemented for disabled citizens exemplified Metropolitan Municipality in Turkey, it's also about access to support disabled citizens living in the city. The municipality provides free transportation support for disabled citizens, especially hospitals and public institutions, with its specially equipped vehicles working within the Disabled Services Unit. Advantage of the nearly 1 thousand citizens in the year 2018 benefited from the officials of the Metropolitan Municipality “Disabled citizens of the hospital and public institutions in the social and cultural life with the purpose of being offered to provide free transportation. Advantage We take our citizens from their homes to their destination and get them to their homes again. In this year, Advantage benefited our taxpayers almost one thousand. In addition, our disabled disabled people serve to the wheelchair citizens who work and go to school every day. By responding to requests from the non-governmental organizations working in the field of people with disabilities, we ensured the participation of our citizens on cultural trips over 300 this year. Our students who are close to the hearing impaired 100 are going to their schools every day with our vehicles İş.

Er This city does not recognize the obstacle, like you! Randevu with the slogan of the week except 6 07.00-22.00 on the week of service they reminded the authorities, citizens who want to take advantage of free transportation 1 0535 106 62 39 day before the appointment said that enough to make an appointment.

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