Provincial Economic Meeting Held in TULOMSAS

A mel Provincial Economic Meeting in was organized by the Governorship of Eskişehir in order to take the economic developments of Eskişehir one step further and solve the economic problems that should be followed locally.

The meeting was held at the meeting hall of TÜLOMSAŞ under the chairmanship of the Governor Özdemir Çakacak; Deputy Governor İsmail Soykan, TÜLOMSAŞ Deputy General Manager Ali Yaşar Nal, Provincial Planning and Coordination Manager Veysel Osmanoğlu, ESO President Savaş Özaydemir, ETO President Metin Güler, ETB President Ömer Zeydan, EESOB President Ekrem Birsen, representatives of public institutions and relevant non-governmental organizations She attended.

Endeks Life Index Survey in Provinces X published by TURKSTAT is based on the general index value of Eskişehir 15. ım Governor Çakacak stated in his speech at the opening of the meeting that “In terms of the sub-indices, when we look at the data in the top ten of the provinces, 5. 7 in access to infrastructure services. 8 in order and social life. We see that it is in order. sırada

Vali Çakacak stated that they organized the Provincial Economy Meeting in order to evaluate the economic status and potential of our city, ongoing public and private sector investments and employment issues. He evaluated Eskişehir as an important city in both industry and education and continued his speech as follows:

'In terms of the ratio of the graduates of faculties and colleges in Eskişehir to the population, the 2. , the fact that 65 is close to one thousand students and has an open education student exceeding 1 million 200 is a reflection of the fact that our city is an important educational city.

According to the Socio-Economic Development Index published by TURKSTAT in the latest 2011 7. and 1. Group We are among the provinces. 1 of Eskisehir. The main reasons for being included among the provinces are the number of education, the number of higher education graduates, the junction between the big cities, and the fact that the transportation networks, especially the railways, take place at the junction point.

The. Inter-city Competitiveness Index am prepared by the International Competitiveness Research Institution (URAK) is the 8 of the Eskişehir provinces. is ranked. In the sub-index of viability, 3. is located in.

We hope that our city will be in a positive progress in parallel with the positive course of our country and we will accelerate this progress with the decisions we will take and implement.

In our province 7 of the total cost of the project continues we look at public investment billion 109 million 834 thousand 207 TL 2017 of 1 year appropriations billion 283 million 799 thousand 982 TL, while the September end of spend we see that 361 million 329 thousand 192 TL.

When we look at the economic data, we will see that our city, which has been providing foreign trade surplus in recent years, has reached 2016 million dollar export and 862 million dollar import figures as of the end of 741. This positive situation of our province continues in 2017 and according to TurkStat data, as of the end of October, our exports are 722 million dollars and our imports are 607 million dollars. The total exports of the firms that are members of the Eskişehir Chamber of Industry but depart from the customs of different future reach 2,2 billion dollars.

Our province, providing a major contribution to the national economy and industry associations, but also by having to serve Turkey's largest Organized Industrial Zone, one of the finest examples of planned industrialization. About 600 operating in OIZ, our company employs about 40 thousand people.

Beylikova Agriculture-Based Specialized Food Zone Organized Industrial Zone will contribute to our province and will constitute a good example for our country.

Sivrihisar OIZ studies are also continuing rapidly. In addition to OIZs, the 16 small industrial site is also employed in 10 thousand people.

Eskişehir, with its R & D center, is among the first 10 among the provinces.

Inin Our province, which has become one of the locomotive cities in the manufacture and export of high technology products of our country, is the center of the aviation and railroad sectors. Ler Governor Çakacak continued his speech and said:

. We need to get together more often by organizing such meetings. Even if we have no agenda, when we get together, the issue is always for the interests of Eskişehir. For this reason, I see great benefit in making such meetings from time to time and I would like to thank all of you for your participation in the meeting. Bu

After the speech of Governor Çakacak, the representatives of the meeting presented their opinions and suggestions.

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