General manager İsa Apaydın Attended General Assembly of EN-KAMU-DER

📩 09/12/2018 17:27

General manager İsa Apaydın Attended General Assembly of EN-KAMU-DER: General Manager İsa Apaydın2, held at the Headquarters Conference Hall of EN-KAMU-DER. Attended the General Assembly.

Bursa Deputy Bennur Karaburun also attended the General Assembly Speaking in the past years, an investment in recent years and many important projects that pass the realization of an organization, the working conditions of employees with disabilities and they are working to improve access to services, he said.

High-speed train lines serving in the high-speed train stations and suburban train sets between the cities of nearby cities to ensure the availability of handicap parts, explaining the Apaydın, as well as railway buildings and facilities according to the disabled and said that they will continue to work.

General Manager İsa ApaydınAt the end of his speech, flowers and plaques were presented by EN-KAMU-DER.

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