Channel Istanbul Project Will Be Deferred?

Channel Istanbul
Channel Istanbul

Long-standing news to the agenda with the news about the Channel Istanbul project on the agenda of the Minister Murat laid the spot.

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization has announced that it will be postponed for a long time.

The Minister of Environment and Urbanization, Murat Kurum, once again stated that the project will not be postponed and that it is the most important project in the 100 daily action plan.

Postponement of Channel Istanbul Procurement Not Concerned
. Kanal Istanbul Project is the most important project for us in our daily action plan as the Ministry.. According to the information given by the Minister, the transfer of the immovables will be carried out for the Kanal Istanbul Project in a short period of time. After 100 / 1 scaled plans, sub-scale plans will be implemented. Then the tender application will be activated.

MH Group CEO Mehmet Ergül made a statement about the project and said: Grup There are land and fields suitable for each bazaar in the region. There is also the opportunity for the development of 100 thousand pounds in the developed regions, for one million pounds. I think the opportunities for those who think in the medium and long term are bigger.

Moreover, with the melting of housing stocks, many companies that will enter the new construction business will want to be located in this region. At present the land prices seem quite reasonable. My advice will be that land areas from the neighborhoods and walls of Kanal Istanbul, which are either individually or company-based and the route is clearly explained, will be profitable.

In doing so, it is useful to choose real estate agents who have a dominant position and references to the region. ”He said that the government should take necessary measures against the renters.

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