3 from DISC. Support to Airport Workers

continued construction of the third airport in Istanbul that poor working conditions of workers in the construction site of his actions, citing Turkey's Revolutionary Workers Unions Confederation (DISK) Aegean Region Advocacy gave their support.

The members of the DİSK Aegean Regional Representative gathered in the Konak area in İzmir, supported the action of leaving workers in the third Airport Akpınar Campus, which was under construction in Istanbul, by suggesting the poor working conditions.

DİSK Regional Representative Memiş Sarı, who made a statement on behalf of the Group, said, yapan 3. Airport construction workers started the resistance after the service accident. Ağır The demands, demands and struggles of thousands of workers who leave work against endless work killings, endangering workplace health and work security, and increasingly aggravating inhumane working conditions, Bit he said.



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