Çorlu Train Accident Don't Be Covered

corludaki train faciasi second seconds on camera
corludaki train faciasi second seconds on camera

Let Çorlu Train Accident be Covered and Responsible Prosecutors: Tekirdağ talked to Tuncay SAĞIROĞLU, who lost his relatives in the train accident in Çorlu, where 25 people died.

According to official statements, 8 people lost their lives and hundreds were injured in the train accident that took place in the Çorlu district of Tekirdağ on 25 July. While professional chambers, unions and local people drew attention to the chain of negligence that caused the accident, no one was punished in the accident that cost the lives of 25 people. KazanAlthough more than 45 days have passed since the accident, even an official report on the accident has not been published. The expert report on the accident is expected to be announced on September 15.

The report issued by the United Transport Workers Union related to the accident in KESK organized by the Turkish Railways has been reduced with the privatization, the number of personnel has been checked and the controls have not been done in order to prevent overtime pay on the weekend and that the maintenance of the road maintenance tender has been canceled due to the lack of funds. he emphasized the chain of omissions that caused the accident.

Families who lost their relatives in the accident are left alone with their pain. The Bilgin family, living in the Vakıflar village of Çorlu, lost 4 lives in the train accident. Zeliha Bilgin, who lost her 14-year-old daughter, two sisters and 6-month-old niece, who was a first year high school student, said, “This garden was lively. “Now he has fallen into silence,” he said. Explaining that there were many negligence in the accident and that they wanted those responsible for the accident to be prosecuted, Zeliha Bilgin said, “We want all those responsible to be prosecuted. All those responsible for drawing, approving, not inspecting the project, subcontracting company, disregarding the warnings should be prosecuted. This lawsuit cannot be closed after three or five compensations are given. Let's give them compensation, let's see if they can give us back our souls?" asked. KazanAlso criticizing the ban on broadcasting after the TV show, Bilgin said, "Mourning should have been declared, not a ban."


Century before the infrastructure of the road is changed only the upper structure of the train by changing the speed of the region, the amount of rainfall, the structure of the culverts without considering the structure of the soil, lack of signaling, the lack of road guards under the name of savings, the savings that the 6 in June to cancel the maintenance tender, special audits such as handing over to the companies before the Bilgin family who reminded the negligence of various institutions met in the garden of their house in the village. 10 minutes before the accident talking to his sister over the phone, his brother's "Train arrives very fast coming soon," said Zeliha Bilgin, "the train over the weekend took passengers for over capacity. Passengers are standing, even hugging the lap. My sister was standing up there with her ticket. I have had to wait a lot of time at the train stations when the passenger was very. Train in three hours Halkalıto close this gap because it has to arrive at a speed. Despite the unloading of the rails, the freight train that is heavier is passing before the passenger train crashing. But nothing happens to him. Probably due to high-speed train is out of the way, Büyük he said.


Zeliha Bilgin's son, who said that they arrived at the accident site within an hour when they heard of the accident and that they were among the first to go there, said, “When we went to the accident site, there were neither health teams nor rescue teams. People from Sarılar village were helping the injured,” he said. KazanExplaining that everywhere in the area where the ship is located is swampy and full of water, he said, “1-2 kilometers of train track was under water. He draws attention to negligence by asking why the drivers who saw this did not slow down. The words of the grandmother, who lost her two grandchildren and two daughters in the train accident, and listened to what was spoken silently, said, “My babies have fallen into the swamp. Even if they had escaped, they would have drowned”.


All members of this family kazanHe states that they will not allow the closure of the city as a 'natural disaster'. Family members, who said that they will fight all kinds of legal struggles, said, "We will follow all kinds of lawsuits. We will not let go. The cost of these lives cannot be closed by destroying 1-2 people. We want all those responsible to be prosecuted. All those responsible for drawing, approving, not inspecting the project, subcontracting company, disregarding the warnings should be prosecuted. This lawsuit cannot be closed by giving three or five compensations and saying 'natural disaster'. Let's give them compensation, let's see if they can give us back our souls?" they ask.


Experts report that the case was opened because no case yet, the relatives of the relatives of the accident in contact with their relatives, although they are trying to follow the process of trying to follow their own lawyer. In spite of all this, the members of the Bilgin family, who are concerned about the closure of the case, say that they see such a danger in developments after accidents.

Zeliha Bilgin pointed out that the train and wagons were removed after an accident and that the road was repaired and re-opened for transportation. Ve What were their rushes? That's the scene. How the expert worked in one day. Have all the evidence been collected? We do not know. I'd like to study in my lawyer. We don't trust this expert. Gösteren Something is hiding? Ar ar There are cameras on the camera that show only the part of the machinists. There are no other camera footage available. Ortada


The pain of families is growing rather than decreasing over time. As they never lost their minds, Zeliha Bilgin's eyes shine as he recounts how successful his daughter is and how his daughter is. But when his names go out, his tears begin to fall out of his eyes. Ardım I would look back at them even when I sent my children to the grocery store ”but not something 'Zeliha Bilgin said, ir I would look at them like my eyes. I wouldn't send my daughter out to sea. My parents went to Luleburgaz for a relative visit. We let them come by train because they were both safe and curious about the train. But where we know that the most trusted train is the most insecure. Ama

“The holidays are coming. Those in charge will celebrate the feast, they will have a holiday. I'm not justifying my right. They left me and my mother without a son and the children without a mother. my child is a good high school kazanhad been. He couldn't read. When I went to her grave the other day 'my daughter is a good school kazanyou were but also heaven kazanI shed tears saying, 'You're okay,' he said. Zeliha Bilgin, who explained that her pain never subsided despite her constant use of medicine, said, “I, who didn't hurt even an ant, was happy for someone else's death. When we visited the hospitals for diagnosis, we were glad that the exes we looked at were not from us. I was out of my humanity.”


Zeliha Bilgin, who reacted to the broadcast ban on the accident immediately after the accident, said: What does it mean. Or are they trying to hide something? Our lives are worthless. Everybody's trying to save himself. No one is dismissed after the accident. This is how it works. We're driving under the sea, but we can't make a train. There's neglect, indiscretion here. Those who do this should be asked for an account. I don't trust the state anymore. There's no control, no guard, things are always on the floor. Who is this subcontractor? Taş he asks. Zeliha Bilgin expressed her anger on the annulment of the road maintenance contract by saying 'no allowance'. What's going to cost you so much now? How can those who cannot find the allowance for the tender now receive compensation for compensation? He stays with the outgoing goes. My 14 year old baby who was my younger sister.


The family has never been alone until now, but it is difficult for the authorities not to call. The family said this: kişi Many people have not known us and have expressed their condolences. He shared our pain. She shed tears with us. However, no other official called and asked the letter of condolences sent by the Turkish State Railways, stating that all compensation would be paid. MPs from different parties came to condolences. But CHP Chairman Kılıçdaroğlu'nun come and take my hand tears poured with me. However, I would expect from the President. In short, we were alone with our own problem. Kıs

Zeliha Bilgin, who grew up with the great pain she experienced, explains her feelings today de I am one of my country lovers. Being Turkish, I am proud to live in Thrace. I Atatürkçüyüm. But I saw in my country that a life is worthless. My wife was in Germany before getting married. I instructed him. If you come here, we'il get married. He came too. I wish I didn't say that. I wish my kids had grown up in Germany. I have a son. I'm not sending him to the military. I gave him a martyr, and I can't take the second one. Ben

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