Soke City Council Delivered Signatures to TCDD

Soke City Council Signed the Signatures Collected by TCDD: The signature campaign for the increase and renewal of the number of flights of the trains launched by Soke City Council in April ended. 3 300 thousand signatures collected around in Söke located in Izmir, Turkey State Railways (TCDD) 3. Submitted to the Regional Directorate.

Söke-İzmir, Denizli Soke trains plying between Turkey's renewal renovated Although many parts of the train. While still on the 1950 model trains, the people of Söke want to make the trains more comfortable and faster. In the signature campaign organized by the Soke City Council, which wanted to increase the number of flights of the trains, 3 collected thousands of signatures around 300.

Soke City Council President Mahbube Özoğul, City Council Secretary General Dilek Tezerdi Kanar, Women's Council President Şennur Parıldar and City Council Components Retired-Sen Soke Branch President Celal Gümüş's delegation; went to Izmir to deliver the collected signatures. DDY 3. During the visit to the Regional Directorate, Deputy Director of Nizamettin Cicek and Passenger Director Özcan Ilhan were interviewed and the signatures were delivered.

Soke City Council President Mahbube Özoğul; Kent Soke is a city that grows day by day. We think that it is very important to use railway transportation especially in a city where the number of university students increases. However, it is very important to increase the number of flights and to make the trains more comfortable. The arrangements to be made will also provide further use of rail transport. We hope that the signatures and demand we collect will be taken into consideration by the GDR. Top

Soke City Council President Mahbube Özoğul İzmir TCDD 3. He thanked Region Deputy Director Nizamettin Cicek and Passenger Manager Ozcan Ilhan and TCDD trainer Haci Dogan who showed close interest to their cats in the Regional Directorate.

Günceleme: 06/12/2018 18:01

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  1. Dear Söke residents, make sure that Pamukkale express, which operates between Eskişehir and Denizli, comes to Nazilli-Aydın and Söke, together with Nazilli and Aydın. Or, make a train expedition project that will operate between Eskişehir-Söke under the name of EFELER Fast Express in a way to support Ankara, Istanbul and Konya YHT. Get a bus connection from Aydın to Bodrum and Marmaris, from Söke to Kuşadası and Didim. If you can achieve this, believe me, your cities will fly. In addition, if you make sure that the trains running between Bandırma and Basmane come to Söke and Aydın. You will have a very short transportation from the European side of Istanbul to your holiday destinations.