Trabzon Beşikdüzü Beşikdağ Cable Car Introduced

besikduzu cable car
besikduzu cable car

Beşikdüzü Beşikdağ Cable Car, the first cable car project of Trabzon, was introduced to the press by Mayor Orhan Bıçakçıoğlu. Besikdüzü District Governor Cevdet Ertürkmen, AK Party District Chairman Harun Demirdi and the mayor and press members attended the presentation.

The ropeway project described by Mayor Bıçakçıoğlu is not only the largest ropeway project in the region, but also stands out as the most modern and most efficient ropeway project in terms of its features. Here are the features of the project from the mouth of Mayor Bıçakcıoğlu;

This 2 from a cable car to the precedent one in Turkey. Someone is in Antalya, 15 is annual and Tahtalı National Park. That cable car is bigger than this, the 85 can fit a tour bus. Secondly, our ropeway

The fastest 10, the fastest 5

The Italian company Leitner made the project. The building was a Turkish-made, firm tool. Our lift 55 is taking people, 10 at the slowest speed arrives in minutes, and 5 arrives in minutes if it goes fast. So I have the settings. The system in the army is superior in every aspect of the system in the army mono cable. Continuously rotating straps. This go system, 2 rope fixed, 45 mm thick. That's an attractive, permanent hammer. The ropes have a 50 year life. 10 3-4 meter is stretched annually.

The army is massacred, Trabzon does not say to me!

The system locks itself automatically if the 30 km 40 km winds in the Army. 120 km snow in all kinds of weather in this cable car continues even in the winter wind. The cost of operating this system in 10, the cost of electricity and maintenance of the system operating cost in the Army. Cost 13.5 million euros. We have visited Malaysia and Europe, and this company has always done it.

The municipality in Istanbul will use the Bosphorus

Istanbul Municipality was going to make this project for the Bosphorus. The aim is to attract tourists to the gulf. Although the price is not certain, it will be 10-15 TL. We had set a dollar-based fee, this is what happened when the exchange rate increased. When you look at Trabzon, the western districts are a little victimized in terms of tourism. Our aim is to attract Gulf tourists. Arab tourists go to the plateau but do not stay, they love the beach. In the hotel we will build, the rooms are suites, triplex, family rooms. When the Arabs come, he wants to stay in the family room.

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