UTİKAD will represent the logistics sector more strongly in trade chambers

UTİKAD, the International Transport and Logistics Service Providers Association, continues to represent the logistics industry on national platforms. UTİKAD Board Members, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and İMEAK Chamber of Shipping have assumed different positions in the chamber elections held in early April.

As a result of the elections made, the board of directors, disciplinary committee, committee and council members to be appointed for 4 year were determined.

As a result of the elections held on April 9, 2018, the new Board of Directors of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce was Şekib Avdagiç. UTİKAD Vice Chairman Turgut Erkeskin (General Transport), who participated in the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce committee and council member elections, was once again elected as a committee and councilor from the Transport and Logistics Committee number 24.

Turgut Erkeskin, who participated in the ITO elections for the first time in 2005, has been a committee member since 2005 and a council member since 2007, representing UTİKAD and the logistics industry at the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce.

UTİKAD Board Members, who took an active role in the elections of İMEAK DTO committees and councils in order to contribute to the maritime transportation issues of the transportation and logistics sector and to represent UTİKAD members in the room, assumed various positions as a result of the elections held on April 8, 2018. UTİKAD Board Member Cihan Yusufi (Globelink Unimar) was elected as a committee and councilor from the Ship Brokers and Freight Brokers Committee No. 37, while UTİKAD Board Alternate Member Cihan Özkal (Armada Maritime Logistics Services) was chosen from the same committee.

Following the committee and parliamentary elections, the new İMEAK DTO management and disciplinary board elections were also completed. Tamer Kıran is the new Chairman of İMEAK DTO, while Emre Eldener (Continental Logistics) Chairman of UTİKAD has been elected as a full member of İMEAK DTO Disciplinary Committee.

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