Strict Inspection of Pirate Transport Vehicles in Bursa

Traffic Police Officer teams within the Directorate of Municipal Police Department of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, in the past month by making pirated transportation to the city center and running the route outside the 260 legal process applied on the vehicle.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Department of Traffic Zabıta Amirliği'te teams, students and factory services are continuing uninterrupted controls.

The teams within the Municipal Police Department of Metropolitan Municipality increased their inspections for students and factory services within the boundaries of Metropolitan Municipality. Teams that make general checks of service vehicles are the 'special letter group plate' and do not give any consideration to the use of the route permits of the factories which operate commercially.

Enver Karakoç, Head of the Metropolitan Police Department, stated that they aim to make the service transportation business safer with inspections and to protect the rights of those who are engaged in this business, and said that unfair competition and unfair competition with pirate transportation. kazanHe said they wanted it to be prevented. Emphasizing that 3 thousand 954 S-plate service vehicles are currently in service in the center of Bursa, Karakoç said, “S-plate is mandatory in the service vehicles. It is forbidden to make pirated transportation with a non-S plate civil plate. In the last month, we have detected 260 vehicles that enter the city center by pirate transportation and operate outside the route. Legal action has been taken against these vehicles in accordance with the Metropolitan Municipality Service Vehicles Regulation.

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