PTT 5 to Launch Thousand Person's Employment Process

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan said, “This year, we will start the employment process next month, in order to join the PTT family and serve our country, and we will employ 5 people.” said.

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan said, “This year, we will start the employment process next month, in order to join the PTT family and serve our country, and we will employ 5 people.” said.

In his speech at the "PTT Vehicle Delivery Ceremony" held in front of Tofaş Turkish Automobile Factory Inc. with the participation of Deputy Prime Minister Hakan Çavuşoğlu, Arslan said that PTT is now a world brand.

Armstrong reminded PTT is now the difficult process, "PTT, 15 years ago, serving by the state, as in many institutions and all institutions 'sank, sinking' in an environment that is called while the burden on the treasury today on the contrary, Turkey is carrying the world's cargo, a distinguished became an institution. PTT and the development of living this change, only became one of the world's leading organizations in Turkey is not. " he spoke.

  • “2 thousand 8 vehicles were bought from our companies with national capital”

Arslan emphasized that the current dress was narrow to the PTT and did not fit in its shell, and continued as follows:

“PTT continues to grow, develop and serve the country as a 177-year-old plane tree, I hope it will continue. In doing so, by providing vehicle service, not only by renting from companies, but also by providing vehicle service through our own company Anadolum AŞ, the national capital companies of our country - 507 thousand 431, of which 70 are from Tofaş, 2 from Ford, 8 from Renault. bought one of our companies with national capital and 530 of them are again from Citroen and Volkswagen. Thus, it will be able to serve better in 780 thousand square kilometers and to see the needs of our people. ”

Explaining that PTT is a joint-stock company and that it can act like this with the abilities and practices it brings, Arslan said, “If a public institution tries to do these works with the cumbersome and functioning, be sure that if it tries to do these works subject to the Public Procurement Law, counting would be a PTT that renders our service incomplete. However, PTT is now a joint stock company and a private company has the same capabilities to practice. With this capability, PTT is growing, developing, expanding its service network, and continuing to expand. ” found the assessment.

  • “Those who cannot, cannot understand”

Arslan, of those who do not understand the happy and big march of PTT, “Why does PTT not continue with the crap of the old public institution? Why doesn't he trade like them? Why is the practice moving? Why is it growing PTT? Why is it able to serve the people of this country better than its competitors in the private sector? ” Stating that he was asked questions, he made the following assessment:

“There are those who cannot draw it, those who cannot understand it, criticize PTT from time to time, but they should know that in an environment where globalization, internet and technology have developed so much and it has affected the world so much, of course, PTT will benefit from this change, PTT will keep up with this change and its sector will will become its leader, as a matter of fact, just as it has taken all the steps it has to take so far and will continue to take action thereafter. In this regard, we would like to thank our President for the honor and support of our Prime Minister. A plane tree, which cannot physically renew itself, change its understanding of service, and cannot expand its service areas, is doomed to sink, even for 177 years. Since we are not going to sink this plane, we want to serve our country more with this plane, we will take steps accordingly, and we will continue to take these steps. ”

  • “We take the services to our citizens uninterruptedly”

Emphasizing that PTT exists in every province, district and town of the country, Minister Arslan continued his words as follows:

“We have 4 PTT offices nationwide with our agencies. We have 870 Pttmatik and together with our 2 thousand colleagues, we provide postal and logistics services, and we serve the new trend, developing and growing trend of e-commerce in the world. We provide services in the field of banking. We bring these services to the feet of our citizens without interruption. While taking this, we provide banking services at approximately 735 thousand non-banks through PTT, and we continue to bring the service to the feet of our citizens. We have become a PTT that performs our citizens' transactions with both the public and private sectors online. This is our satisfaction. While PTT was able to serve tens of 42 institutions 800 years ago, today it does business with 15 institutions. These 7 institutions have been able to perform 428 separate transactions. That post office is no longer fit in the container in which Turkey has taken important steps to grow behalf of the world. "

  • Partnership with PAL Express

Minister Arslan stated that PTT is a 15 percent shareholder of the Hong Kong-based transportation company PAL Express in order to progress in e-commerce and does not even give a penny in this partnership.

“We continue our way in order to become the third country and company of the world in e-commerce, especially in e-commerce logistics, in order to get more shares from the transportation pie in the world. Arslan said, saying:

"Turkey is no place in the world of logistics in 2015 when, with no basis in okunmazk the last 2,5 years of work, we have become the world's 7th moment. I hope our goal this year is to be the third in the world next year, even if we cannot be the third in the world. This suits PTT as well. We act accordingly and we will continue to act accordingly. Our aim is that while our colleagues see these services, we wanted them to be able to serve much better, not with old vehicles, but with a renewed fleet. That's why we are renewing our 3 thousand 3 vehicles and we will serve all over the country with our new vehicles. ”

  • “They still haven't been able to identify a presidential candidate”

Ahmet Arslan, one of Turkey's longer life daily, Turkey's long-term goals that put forward, planning our behalf walk vision with vision, that vision draw and received, the programs within the framework of doing business that times criticized for not understanding and occasionally their trip hiking in this blessed stated that they are trying to wear:

Minister Arslan, said:

“Just like in the Presidential Government System. They cannot understand that we are in a country ruled by a President elected by popular votes for the past 3,5 years with the Presidential Government System. After the 24th of June, they cannot understand that the executive body of this country is the President of the Presidential Government System and its president. They still could not identify a presidential candidate because they could not understand. As if it still looks like fortune telling, 'Do we get out of here, get out of here, we find a candidate from the street, do we find a man who is imposed on us behind the secret doors, can we bring someone who does not know the realities of this country and make the president overnight?' they are making calculations. ”

Underlining that the presidential candidate should be determined in advance, Arslan said, “Your candidate has to tell the citizen what kind of goals he wants to do to this country. Citizens should also know that 'Yes, I will walk towards the goals of 2023, 2035, 2053 and the vision of 2071 with this understanding, and with this understanding, I will go to the ballot box and make my decision.' An understanding that understands this nation, is a servant to this nation, and walks into the future with this nation, a party, a President, the President Alliance system, and their candidate, even if they do not understand from God, but the leader of the opposition still does not understand that this country will be governed by the President of the Republic and the Government of the Government. There is Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Hopefully, we will continue this growth trend with our President and our teammates in the last 15 years, and we will continue to grow this country 3,5 times thereafter, and while protecting the right of the oppressed and victims in the world by protecting the rights of not only 81 million people, but also our country. I say he will walk into the future. ” used expressions.

  • Gospel of employment from the minister

In the last part of his speech, Arslan also gave the good news of employment.

“This year, we will start the employment process in order to join the PTT family next year and serve our country next month, and we will employ 5 people. Thus, it means more than 5 families, work, bread. I hope that PTT will not be content with it while doing this, it will continue to grow. I say good luck to our PTT, our institution and our ministry with the purchase of 5 thousand people. ”

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