Arslan Provides Information on Investments to Highways in Bursa

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan carried out the transportation coordination meeting in Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Dobruca Facilities, where the district mayors and transportation in Bursa were discussed.

Providing information about the investments made on highways, Arslan said, “What we have done in the last 15 years is 80 times sometimes 3 times what we have done in 4 years. While we have invested in 2002 billion 10 million transportation areas in Bursa in the 1-year period before 800, the investments made only by our ministry in Bursa in the last 15 years are 6 billion 815 million. Our actual investment is 6 and a half billion, with the build-operate-transfer model, including expropriation, the Istanbul direction or the highways that we make in the direction of Izmir. It means an investment of 13 billion 315 million TL in total. It means 13 quadrillion money with old money. He pleases us to see our work in Bursa. ”

Stating that the total number of divided roads built in Bursa in 80 years is 195 kilometers, Minister Arslan said that they have traveled 15 kilometers over 348 years and said, “Bursa now has 543 kilometers of divided roads. While there were 148 kilometers on all the hot mix roads that offer high quality driving, we built another 449 kilometers. I am not talking about the projects we have completed. The number of large-scale projects currently underway in Bursa is 17 in the highway industry. The cost of these 17 projects is 2 billion 327 million TL. We have spent 1 and a half billion of this, and we will do the rest in a short time. We know that the Harmancık region performed a very important service both in connection with Dursunbey and with Tavsanli. There was a troubled point called the accident black spot, we realized its tender period and now we are starting work. First of all, we will start to work out what we call the accident black spot, and we will have finished this soon next year. Harmancık region projects are 226 million. Our road works continue in Yenişehir, Bilecik and Osmaneli. The project cost of this is 144 million and we will finish this in the next year. ”

6 bin 170 meter 3 tunnel
Indicating that the Gemport connection road in the Gemlik Free Zone is a short but important project and they will finish this year, Arslan said, “We have a road with a price of approximately 134 million projects between Mudanya, Kurşunlu-Bursa-Gemlik. It is aimed to make hot asphalt. We will finish in 2 years. İnegöl is a project we will finish next year between Yenişehir. The cost of this is 62 million. The divided road will make it hot asphalt. Bursa-Orhaneli separation Keles road is also among the important projects. The project cost is 165 million. We aim to complete this next year. Bursa, Keles, Orhaneli, Harmancık distinction and Erenler, Orhaneli, Harmancık include many parts. In this project, it is 219 million TL. We have speeded up the processes regarding this issue. Especially here, Erenler, Doğancı Dam connection was very important. We have 6 tunnels of 170 thousand 3 meters here. If you think Turkey could finish 3 thousand meters Bolu Mountain Tunnel for 19 years. Only we are talking about 6 thousand 170 meters of tunnels in a region. ”

Uludağ Road will be completely finished this year
Stating that the price of the place called Doğancı Dam variant is 133 million TL, Arslan said, “We have promised Bursa people for this place before. We said we will finish here immediately. We also made the tender and invited the company to the contract. However, we lost a serious time regarding the objections to the Public Procurement Authority and the prolongation of their processes. However, we have finished the decision in accordance with the decision of the Public Procurement Authority. We also invited the company to the contract. We will sign our contract in 1 week 10 days and start work. We will lay the foundation in a month. We will fulfill our promise to Bursa people. There is also a study we do about Orhangazi highway connection. We will finish it this year. Bursa Uludağ road was an important work. Processes for both expansion and making hot asphalt started. Particularly, the satisfaction regarding this route, which he used during the tourism season, both thanks to us, as well as to Deputy Prime Minister Hakan Çavuşoğlu, who took responsibility in Bursa, to our deputies, to the metropolitan mayor and our provincial mayor. We will have finished this this year. ”

Arslan said, “We are building various bridges on the Bursa-Karacabey road,” Arslan said, “Our friends are doing the necessary work to finish this project in a short period of 79 million. There were various bridges and underpasses on the Bursa-İnegöl-Bozüyük road. We would like to thank our Municipality of İnegöl for this. They have made the necessary procedures regarding the expropriations they have to do and the delivery of the buildings. As the Ministry, we are working on the completion of the bridges and intersections in its continuation. We had a promise not to be embarrassed to İnegöl residents regarding the final completion of a junction. We will do it in a short time and open it as of July 15 at the latest. Feature related to Bursa ring road There was a demand for connection to Hasanağa Organized Industrial Zone and other industries there. Our industrialists will handle it, too. Our project is ready as soon as they solve the expropriation problem. Apart from these projects, these are the projects we are actually continuing, and we have many other jobs that we have prepared for this year and the investment plans we have prepared for the year. There are many services that I have to do in Bursa. Bursa is of great importance for the industry of our country. Not for Bursalı are performing an important task for Turkey, "he said.

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