KAYBIS System Launched By April 1

kaybis kayseri bicycle
kaybis kayseri bicycle

KAYBIS System 1 was put into service as of April: Kayseri Transportation Inc. within Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality. “Smart Bike Sharing System” 1 is opening its service as of April this year. Kayseri Transportation Inc. within the body of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality. “Smart Bike Sharing System” 1 is opening its service as of April this year. With easy access to the city and a station at the city's 51 KAYBİSwill continue to provide cheap transportation.

KAYBIS bicycles, which have become a popular transportation vehicle in urban transportation in Kayseri, have become an indispensable means of transportation for the people of Kayseri with the increasing number of users and attractive use. Since the year of 2015, one hundred percent native of Kayseri Transportation Inc. The bike sharing system, designed and engineered by its engineers, is expanding its service network by increasing its capabilities every year. In line with the demands, the number of stations and bicycles increased as of 2018, and the number of stations increased from 40 to 51 and the number of bicycles increased to 600. In April of the same year, 2017 thousand 55 people were using XBox 851 in April. According to the data of last year, 78 bin 423 benefited from this service in May.

We attach great importance to KAYBIS

Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Çelik, both domestic and national Kayseri as well as transportation. Founded by Turkey serving many hometown Bike Sharing System KAYBİS environmentally friendly, healthy and inexpensive stated that urban transport vehicle. Stating that they attach great importance to KAYBIS system as a municipality and that the necessary work has been done to ensure that citizens can easily access this service in the city, President Çelik said, kolaylıkla We are expanding our service network every year and accordingly we are rapidly increasing our number of users. 1 will open the system as of April. Sistem

Those who want to use the Bicycle Sharing System must have their own Kart38 card. Citizens have to register with the LOSS system when purchasing the personalized Kart38 card. After the registration with this system, Kart38 cards can be used both for public transportation and for the use of KAYBİS bicycle service. KAYBIS bikes are completely free for the first half hour. If the passenger leaves the bike to any LOSS station at the point of departure within half an hour, he does not pay any fees.

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