Malatyalılar Loved the Active Life, 16 Thousand People Used MABİS

malatyalilar movable yasami likes to use 16 thousand people used
malatyalilar movable yasami likes to use 16 thousand people used

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Malatya Metropolitan Municipality put into service in March Bike System 8 thousand people used 16 per month.
1 As of November 2018, the General Manager of MOTAŞ, Anwar Sadat Tamgacı, shared the information on the use of the Malatya Bicycle System, which closed the season. An After the station established last year in the Orduzu Natural Park, a smarter parking unit was installed in the city's 2018. Bicycles can be rented using a credit card or a Malatya Card in units monitored with 5 / 7 cameras. Bicycles can be used with the cards integrated into the computer integrated lock system.

According to the tariffs defined in the system, the first 30 minutes will be free of charge, 1 time will be 1 TL, 2 time will be 2 TL, 3 time will be 4 TL, 3 will be charged as 4 TL for every hour over 6 hours. Within the scope of the project that we have implemented in order to spread the use of bicycles as a Metropolitan Municipality, the total 100 bike 8 16 169 XNUMX people in the XNUMX station used in different regions of Malatya used a total of XNUMX people.

Şehr We Plan to Extend Bicycle Use to Every Side of the City “
The 10 bin 6 of the bicycle users carried out the transaction with the Malatya Card, while the 6 bin 163 made the bike rental with the credit card. Işlem The General Manager of MOTAŞ stated that the objectives were to increase the maneuverability of the people, to enable them to do sports and to implement environmental practices. ”We plan to spread the Malatya Cycling System (MABİS) to the other points of the city in the next season” serving at the total 6 spot at Orduzu Natural Park, Wedding Palace, Sevgi Park, Sports and Life Center, Yeşilyurt-Tecde Clock Tower and Yeşilyurt Waterfall “ gave place.

The MABIS project of Malatya Metropolitan Municipality was awarded with the in Smart Junction Control System and Traffic Control Center Software proj projects in the 'Smart Roads Smart Roads' project competition organized by the Intelligent Transport Systems Association (AUSDER).

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