Bursa, Candidate to Become the European Green Capital

With the initiatives of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Bursa, which was the Başkent Capital of History Bursa, has now been nominated for the title of X 2020 European Green Capital '. 'European Green Capital competition between candidates of 2020 years 12 13 entered the city from the country, while Turkey took its place on the candidate list with Bursa.

The excitement of 2010 for the Yeşil European Green Capital Competition ğı organized by the European Commission every year since 10 to promote environmentally friendly city life and 2020, one of the European countries to date, is at its peak…

The title Yeşil Green Capital,, while being an example to other European cities, reinforces the reputation of the cities as a tourism, business and life center; 2020 contest to Turkey, Great Britain, Hungary, Belgium, Portugal, Finland, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Estonia, Iceland and Poland 13 was a candidate city. Bursa from Turkey's candidacy file was accepted by the council.

“We are experiencing the excitement of Green Bursa”

Mayor Alinur Aktaş, in his statement, emphasized the value of the 'Green' identity of Bursa, which filled the eye with its values ​​and said, “Bursa is a very beautiful city. Green, nature, Uludag, sea, history, culture, spirituality and a city that is featured with all the beauties. Living in Bursa is truly a privilege. Bursa has always been characterized as 'Green' and has always been known as 'Green Bursa'. While we are planning our work for today and for the future, we pay special attention to taking steps that emphasize this natural wealth and green in Bursa and reveal the aesthetics of the city. It is very exciting for Green Bursa to find value in the European Green Capital Competition. We are experiencing the joy of this step which is very proud of introducing the beauties of Bursa to the world ”. President Aktas, the statement stressed the importance of the title, "Green Capital title of reputation if taken in Bursa, Turkey will increase both in a floor in the world. There are also tourists following these cities around the world. This title will attract more attention to come to Bursa and Bursa, 'Green' will be a center of attraction for tourists, ”he said.

The city life is considered completely

Within the scope of the competition, action plans of candidate cities 'prepared in the 12 indicator area covering all aspects of city life' are taken into consideration. For Bursa; combating climate change, adapting to climate change, sustainable transportation, sustainable land use, nature and biodiversity, air quality, noise management, solid waste management, water and wastewater management, eco-innovation, energy performance, integrated environmental management. , the current and future studies were evaluated.

Featured studies

In the application form filled with the support of many internal and external stakeholders under the coordination of Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Department; increasing green areas, combating climate change, determining carbon footprint, climate change action plan, integrated waste management, mapping the city's noise, building wastewater treatment plants, renewing infrastructure system, participatory management, use of renewable energy resources, rail systems and bicycle roads development of the study.

The 'European Green Capital Award', which is an important opportunity for the recognition of this identity of Bursa, which is referred to as 'Green', is also given to the cities as the 'Green Capital'. In addition, the award places selected cities as an example for other European cities; As a tourism, business and living center, it also facilitates reputation, strengthens international cooperation, creates new business areas, and promotes the visibility of the city through international publicity.

Candidate process 'by the European Commission determined by experts' application files of candidate cities will be examined from a technical point of view. Towards the end of April, short-listed cities will be announced. The shortlisted cities will make their presentations to the jury and the winning city will be announced in June 2018. European Green Capital Award 10. The city will be awarded with the 350 thousand Euro prize.

European Green Capital Award winning countries are as follows:

2010- Stockholm (Sweden)

2011- Hamburg (Germany)

2012- Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain)

2013-Nantes (France)

2014-Copenhagen (Denmark)

2015- Bristol (United Kingdom)

2016- Ljunljana (Slovenia)

2017- Essen (Germany)

2018- Nijmegen (Netherlands)

2019- Oslo (Norway)



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