ORAT Training Trainings Started at Istanbul New Airport

Training sessions started in Istanbul New Airport during the ORAT process, which was applied to ensure the most comprehensive airport transportation ever experienced in the world aviation history.

The process of turning construction into airport and making it ready for operation at Istanbul New Airport is continuing with ORAT (Operational preparation and airport transfer) applications at full speed. Within the scope of the ORAT, training sessions were started for the stakeholders and their staff at the Istanbul New Airport.

X For the first time in the world, an airport hosting an annual 70 million passengers will be transported to another airport at a distance of 45 km. In this respect, a very unique process will be in question. With the ORAT process which means operational preparation and moving, we are trying to carry out this transportation and preparation process in the most meticulous manner under the leadership of General Directorate of State Airports Authority. The training process that we have started with the managers and employees of HAVAŞ, ÇELEBİ and TGS Ground Services will continue with our trial and test processes after the inclusion of our other stakeholders. HAV

The class trainings provided by the 12 expert at IGA Airport Operations will continue until June. Trainings at Atatürk Airport include those who are currently working there, but who will start working at Istanbul New Airport as of October 29.

After the completion of the classroom training, the training programs will be supported by the active use of the distance education platform and will be completed by field training.

In order for the airport to be operational operationally, all systems must be ready, their tests completed and able to work together. In order for this process to be perfect, it is of great importance to implement the applications simultaneously with the full participation of the airport stakeholders.



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