16 Bursa

Bursa THY 7. Science Expo 2018 Ready

Bursa, Turkey's largest, the world's No. shown in scientific activities' TK 7. Science Expo is preparing for 2018. The organization, which will offer special programs to science enthusiasts, 26 - with the main concept of 'Technologies of the Future' [more…]


Bicycle Season Started at GaziBis

GaziBis system, which provides bicycle rental services with its stations established at 7 point in Gaziantep, started the new season with new features. When renting a bike with the use of a credit card in the bike rental Gaziantep Card [more…]


The Spirit Of Canakkale

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality (GAZİ-ULAŞ) serving within the tram, Vehbi Dinçerler Science High School students, 18 March Çanakkale Victory 103'enth anniversary reminded the passengers of the spirit of Canakkale. From Gaziantep University station to Gar station [more…]

34 Istanbul

Commercial Life at the Third Airport

The construction of the third airport in Istanbul continues at full speed. At the airport, the first stage of which is planned to be completed and put into service at 29 October, commercial agreements have also started to rise. Accordingly, the statement published by IGA, eating and drinking [more…]


Electric Buses to Ease Traffic in Manisa

Cengiz Ergün, Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, gave information about electric buses that will contribute to the relief of urban traffic in the program he participated in Manisa Metropolitan Municipality WEB TV. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality is on WEB TV [more…]