Istanbul Airport Completed 80 Percentage

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan's article entitled "80 percent of Istanbul Airport is Completed" in the March issue of Raillife magazine.


Istanbul New Airport is under construction. The 80 of the first stage of construction was completed and now the plane is able to land. 90 29 2018 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX Istanbul New Airport will be the world's largest airport when all stages are completed. It is not only Istanbul airspace but also a huge project that will affect European airspace. Romania, Bulgaria and Central Europe, the letter of the agreement, from us to get up from us, who descended on us, all the countries that come up and down to them will affect the airspace. For this reason, our friends have increased the capacity for Istanbul airspace.

A move from Ataturk Airport will take place for Istanbul New Airport to start aviation activities. As it is the world's largest airport, it will be one of the world's largest relocation operations. I need a serious coordination. We do detailed studies in a way that will not cause any problems. The municipality, the security forces and all the public and institutions working on the route will be coordinated from AKOM and will be moved. 30 October In 03.00, the relocation process will be started and 31 October will be completed in 23.55 and 45 will complete this move in an hour.

Turkey's new pupil will be followed by the transport of Istanbul New Airport, which is still used to Ataturk Airport flight code "IST" will begin to serve.

Istanbul's New Airport the world to Turkey, Turkey is also reinforcing rivets to connect the world, Turkey is a bridge and both inevitable and will gain a positive effect on the nature center. In the final analysis the new airport in Istanbul, Turkey will be one of the driving forces of future growth process.



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