No Increase in Public Transport Fees in Malatya in 2018

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ahmet Cakir, the citizens of the 2 gospel, giving multiple, water and public transportation fees in 2018 will not be raised.

Mr. Cakir stated that despite the huge investments in water infrastructure in the province of Malatya and huge investments in the water infrastructure and the hikes in the fuel, they decided not to raise the water and transportation. President Çakır stated that they had forced the Metropolitan Municipality facilities to facilitate the lives of the citizens.


In the Metropolitan process, by investing in an 305 million TL infrastructure, President Çakır stated that they carried out an infrastructure service of 1575 thousand 668 km including 2 km drinking water, 433 km sewerage and stormwater line and 170 million TL infrastructure investment noted.

Noting that they are the 1st in Turkey in the fight against lost and illegal water, President Çakır said; It is stated that 680 km of water mains are scanned and 210 liters of water per second, corresponding to the daily water needs of 486 thousand people, are brought into the system. kazanHe stated that they were yelled at.


In spite of all these investments and programs, President Çakır stated that one of the 30 cities where the cheapest water is used in 5 metropolitan city is Malatya. 13 recalled that they did not raise the water for the month and gave the good news that they would not raise the water in 2018.


President Cakir gave a gospel about the bus tickets.

In 2017, only the diesel prices came up by an average 10 hike; Cakir noted that the difference in inflation rate is% 12, the latest transportation fees in August / 2017% 7-8 a rate of increase by specifying, in 2018 said they decided not to raise public transportation ticket fees.


President Çakır; The cancellation of the discount cards of the retired, teachers and imams also stems from a legal requirement, and said:

4736 1. in the public transport vehicles operated by the municipalities or enterprises and their affiliates are clearly stated whether they will be discounted or free of charge. The discount cards applied to the retired, teachers and imams of the 65 who were previously applied by our municipality have been taken to the court by the tax inspectors and it has been decided by the local court that it is not possible to give discount cards to the 65 pensioners, teachers and imams.

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