Hygiene in Public Transportation in Muğla

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality is regularly disinfected by municipal buses to ensure the transportation of citizens using public transportation in a healthy and cleaner environment.

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality regularly disinfects municipal buses to ensure that citizens using public transport travel in a healthy and cleaner environment. With the arrival of winter season, it is observed that epidemic and infectious diseases are increasing and cleaning of the vehicle surfaces and air particles is made in order to prevent them in public transportation. At the end of the expedition, the passenger handles, seats, ventilation hatches, glass and metal surfaces on buses are routinely disinfected with suitable products.

In the statement made by Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, den Municipality vehicles are cleaned at the end of the voyage in order to prevent the spread of diseases by using bacteria and viruses in the public transportation vehicles used by our thousands of citizens every day. Moreover, during this cleaning, vehicles are disinfected by substances that do not harm human health. Sağ



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