Sivas High Speed ​​Railway Station will be in two places as a railway station and university

Ankara - Sivas High-Speed ​​Train after the start of the work for a while and the 2015 in the year after the change in the various troubles had occurred. In the past, many officials from the terminal building and the route had made statements.
”High-speed train station will be in two places as existing train and university“

The Governor of Sivas, Davut Gul said with his statement on twitter that the train station would be in two places including the existing gar and the university.

Governor Gül: İ Minister of National Education Mr.İsmet YILMAZ; He explained that the high-speed train station will be located in two places: existing gar and university. Sivas good luck for the good fortune un un Sivas gave the gospel.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, in his opening speech and groundbreaking program, gave a lot of space for the High Speed ​​Train in his speech in Sivas.


After the President of the Republic of Turkey in recent days, Tcdd General Manager İsa ApaydınAs well as the Deputy General Managers, Heads of Departments and Tcdd 4.

Accompanied by the delegation during the visit, the head of the Turkish Transportation Branch, Nurullah Albayrak, shared his thoughts on the social media account tren It is planned that the existing railway station will serve for YHT Ziyaret.

In the year of 2016, Sivas Municipality has clarified the subject on the official website of Sivas Municipality with the title of… QUICK TRAIN ROUTE X X.

The details of the news are as follows:

Tren Two years ago, discussed and the decision to pass the south of the Sivas high-speed train route in recent days, the last day of the rumor put the last point Sami Aydın. The southern route will continue.

Aydin, the Chamber of Commerce formed yesterday evening by the Presidents Board of Directors made an presentation. Osman Yildirim, who made the opening of the meeting as the host, stated that they have been discussing some recent discussions about the high speed train route in the city and gathering the Presidents Board and Mayor Sami Aydin to get clear information on this subject.

On the maps of President Aydın told the stages of the high speed train route. Intellectual; . I was not the Mayor in the years when the high-speed train route was first discussed. I have not expressed the opinion that the former Mayor to be misunderstood. However, on the question of the old route was not correct. The municipal administration of that period and many people in this hall were thinking like me that day. I look at this issue in terms of technical and urbanism. The station's place is third for me. When we look at it, I want it to be in the right place. It should be noted that the fast train project is not a big project, a local project. Therefore, neither a fast train project, nor a project that cannot be sacrificed to the interests of Sivas, Sami Aydın or someone else's egos. I didn't change the route because I wanted to. After we took office, we started to discuss this issue on many platforms. We held many meetings in Ankara and Sivas under the supervision of our Ministers. The technical delegation of the State Railways came to Sivas many times and studied in the area. It was decided that the correct route is the southern route that is currently being studied. We went to the tender, the business started. There has been no discussion in 2015 about this issue. However, it is trying to be reheated in front of us in 2016. This is not true. We met with our Minister and Chamber Chair in Ankara yesterday. This is the right route and this work is walking. It is not right to speculate on this. Bun

After explaining why the southern route was correct, Aydin expressed his views in favor and asked questions to the President. After the meeting, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Osman Yildirim, “Our aim was to put together a point with this issue. Our president informed us. Thus, we are putting the last point in this discussion. Böylece


Channel 58 screens, a program attended by the Mayor Sami Aydin, Sivas-Ankara High Speed ​​Train Route and Terminal Building related explanations were found.

Melih Delibaş, the program producer, said, “The high-speed train will pass through the University. The issue of the route and the station were discussed. On this question, the Mayor Sami Aydın said, çalışan If this route is completed, you can pass under the high-speed train line that works. In this respect, we thought that it would be right to change it if it was at the beginning of the road. We had all our interviews on this issue. Yapt

Mayor Aydin's statement on the subject is as follows:
Şu Look, I'm sure it's my only goal as a mayor. Investments made in Sivas, a right should be done and whatever the needs of Sivas are met. Apart from that, we do not have a point of view. Until the Mayor, which you know that the process of Fast Train is a very early process, I did not make an opinion about the High Speed ​​Train line.

Why is that? Then I had no official responsibility. But after I became the official Mayor, I felt a responsibility for myself, and it was necessary that we worked with our friends on the determined line. We met not only with our friends in the municipality but also with the experts who could provide ideas to comment on this issue. We had a lot of meetings.

We even had meetings where we invited the people of Sivas. And here we have seen this. There is no problem with the railroad in the first first determined route. However, when you consider the development plan of the city and the development axis of the city, the connection of highways would be seriously disturbed. If this route is completed, you can pass these connections under the high speed train line which works.

In this respect, we thought that it would be right to change it if it was at the beginning of the road. We had all our interviews on this issue. Look at the civil society organizations in Sivas, the Public Organizations have all invited them. Some of us attended our invitation, some of them perhaps did not participate. We explained it there. I've explained why it needs to be changed. We consulted with them on alternative routes. And the general opinion of the public of Sivas will pass through the south of Kızılırmak, one of our suggestions was to pass through the south of Kızılırmak, this line will be right. Ve


Regarding the route, the Mayor Sami Aydın said, açık The university is a city. Our University is bigger than many cities içine We have planned our new station to get access to the university directly, as well as the idea of ​​getting to the whole of the city very easily, the south of the University of the University, the university campus, not to say that it is not true. On the one side of Kızılşiğın edge, on the one side of the Kayseri road, on the other side, we will do even a part of the, Recep Tayyip Erdogan boulevard. Turn directly to the boulevard. When we look at it, there will be a university student or lecturer who will be able to come directly to the university area when he gets on the train. Even a lecturer in METU should be in Ankara at 7 in the morning, and 8-8.30 should be in class, and they should go to Ankara again in the evening. The same is true for the student. This is what the university says Üniversite Üniversite.
You can watch the video below for all the above explanations and other details.

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