5 Questions from BTS to TCDD after work accident!

The United Transport Workers Union (BTS) made a statement about the work accident at the substation of TCDD in Kırklareli.

The United Transport Workers Union (BTS), which made an announcement about the work accident at the substation of the TCDD in Kirklareli, stated that the cause of the accident was 5. . 5 was made responsible for different voltage groups and separate personnel in the separate headquarters, separate voltage groups and equipment, ayrı said BTS, voltaj within the framework of the 4 restructuring program called TCDD.

Edirne Electrification Supervisor Labor Gultekin Ulus was killed in high tension and was seriously injured while working at the transformer station of TCDD located in Büyükmandıra town of Kirklareli.

Making a written statement about the subject BTS, the energy of this type of workplace staff is addressed to the 154 thousand volts, stating that, "Personnel, unauthorized, unauthorized and high-voltage license, so that without the documents can not enter into these places can not enter into work, can not participate in studies," the statement said.

Unfortunately, I'm here again because of my hand. Workers of the railway organization in Edirne Electrification Supervision of the railway organization of our employees, Gültekin Ulus 11.01.2018 at 15.30 in the town of Kırklareli Büyükdoğan TCDD located in the substation located in the high-voltage and then severely injured in the work of the transformer center of Edirne Medical Faculty Research Hospital in intensive care treatment is in progress.

This painful event, which encompasses our hearts, has once again shown us how far we have fallen back to work safety, compliance with legislation in working life, and even more and more.

154.000 Volt is the energy that the employees of this type of workplace are addressed to; unauthorized, unauthorized and high-voltage license, ie without access to these documents can not enter without EKAT, nor can not participate in studies.

19 March 2010 is a matter of which our union has been pursuing years ago, so 8 years ago, the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources decided to give a decision, or rather to end an ongoing discussion; All personnel working in the workplaces subject to the voltage of 1000 Volts and above must have received an EKAT certificate which is bir Work Permit Under High Voltage in High Voltage Plants ler, and clearly emphasized that the railways will never be subject to an exception.

Upon this decision, all the personnel to be sent to EKAT courses, which are given by TEDAŞ and TEİDAŞ General Directorates, have been started to be sent by the personnel to receive the EKAT certificate which is not taken years.
However, some managers who do not know which reason to serve, only by intervening in order to avoid the receipt of this EKAT certificate and 21 March 2016 by the General Directorate of TCDD, written by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, railways were asked to see whether the scope of the EKAT certificate. On the other hand, the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources stated that such a comment could be made but the related Electricity Power Plants Regulation was AMIR.

With the efforts of some of the TCDD bureaucrats and managers who misinterpreted this article, m There is no obligation to obtain an ECAT certificate AT, the staff of XATX year ago were sent to EKAT courses.
Gultekin Ulus, a victim of this painful incident, has no EKAT certificate. There is no clear information as to whether there is an EKAT certificate of the Surgeon Saim Sahin who is in charge of 2. It is also not known whether the head of the facility chief, Hüseyin Fırtın, who is responsible for 1.

As stated by the Ministry in the 19 dated March 2010, although there must be at least 1 (one) electrical engineer in such workplaces, there is no electrical engineer in this type of workplaces or they are not assigned in this type of work.

The other and most important aspect of the event is that it is a substation. Substations are originally subject to 154.000 Volts and the lowest voltage is 27.500 Volt. About 5 years ago, there were Transformer Chiefs and personnel specialized in these areas. In the same way, electric locomotives operating on the electric railway lines are called in catenary gerilim lines, which are called X catenary bu. The central control of these high-voltage lines was also carried out by Telekomand Chiefs in certain geographic centers.

However, within the framework of the restructuring program called TCDD restructuring about 5 years ago, this 3 was assembled under the title of Electrification Chiefs by combining separate businesses and businesses and by adding electrical works.

In this way, different voltage groups and the personnel responsible for the 4 separate line-up were made responsible for separate voltage groups and equipment ranging from 220 Voll to 150.000 Volta. In this way, personnel who specialize in different fields, jobs and voltages are invited to work for possible occupational accidents. Despite the fact that the case was filed by the union in the Council of State and the general order of 480 was canceled, the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) did not implement this decision and did not reopen the old workplaces.

And yesterday we met the expected pain event on 11 January 2018. Gültekin Ulus, a seriously injured colleague, was originally a worker friend of the origin of the Kaneter Chiefship, and naturally could not understand the substations and their jobs. Besides, there is no EKAT certificate and it does not meet the conditions for joining the training to get an EKAT certificate due to the school it graduated from.

This painful event showed how wrong these workplace assemblies were, but also raised other question marks behind the incident:

On the day of 1-Event, maintenance work is carried out at Büyükmandıra Substation and makes it a special company. In this case, why has this friend been taken here without a companion or responsible or authorized person?

2-The work to be done in the daily / weekly work program, who will perform and who will be the companion of the written, why this friend was taken to here without companion?

3-Why was this friend allowed to go to the poles in the substation for a job that the company should do?

4-Although TCDD is the maintenance work, it is not understood why the employees of private companies are at the scene of the incident. Was Gültekin Ulus seriously injured while doing the work of the private company? Have they taken all necessary measures in the work area? Which rules of occupational safety have been applied? Are the protective materials fully used? Is a work safety plan prepared before starting work? Who gave the order to the pole to go to the pole even though the power supply was not interrupted?

5-Although these personnel do not have competences, licenses, knowledge and EKAT documents, who is responsible for being forced to enter these substations?

The answers to these questions are important and should be investigated rapidly. It was once again seen how dangerous it was to combine the separate workplace and work as Transformer, Catenary, Telecomand and Electrical Works.

However, TCDD managers who have not taken any lessons from this event and other events before, have established the iş Railway Maintenance Department ders and its affiliated provincial organization last year. And we are in these days; Electrification Chief (4 separate workplace and area), Signalization and Communication Chiefs (15 separate workplace and area), GSM-R Chiefs (13 separate workplace and area) workplaces and jobs and separate science, technical and engineering areas as Assistant Chief Assistant In order to hold the personnel responsible for the Facilities Surveillance, Engineer, Technician and Technician, 20 tries to make a separate workplace for the personnel. As if this is not enough, they try to make these personnel responsible for road repair. In order to establish the infrastructure of this, the general order draft 105 has been prepared.
This is a bitter indicator of the wrong policies and practices of the railway administration. And when the road is close, the TCDD administration and the relevant ministry bureaucrats should discontinue this fiasco and abandon the workplace mergers by drawing lessons from this bu painful event Ve. Wrong and unlawful legislation or drafts should also be withdrawn / canceled. In order to prevent this kind of painful events, all personnel related to EKAT courses should be allowed to go, and Electrical Engineer staff should be established for such workplaces.

Otherwise, such injuries / fatal accidents will continue to increase rapidly in these and all other workplaces. This false policy will also reduce / reduce the safety of railway operations and work / work.

This statement, which we made on the subject, also carries the nature of a criminal complaint in the judicial and administrative sense, and leads to the occurrence of these events, creating legislative deficits, forcing employees to do the works they do not know, conducting business with non-legislative orders, the action must be initiated immediately and those responsible should be penalized.


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