BTS: Reasons for Increasing Work Murders

BTS released a press release after the death of Gültekin Ulus, a worker at the Edirne Electrification Chief, after a work accident at the TCDD transformer center. In the statement, it was stated that the reason for the increase in work-related murders is that those who violated the legislation provisions in occupational accidents were predictable, that is, they were not punished even though they caused death as a result of heavy negligence or that the trials were terminated with small penalties.

After the news of the death of TCDD worker Gültekin Ulus, who works in Edirne Electrification Chief, after a work accident at the transformer center, the United Transportation Employees Union (BTS) published a press release.

In the statement made by the Union, it was stated that Gülkekin Ulus passed away as a result of a work murder and said, "We wish our condolences and patience to his family, relatives, loved ones and the railway community".

The reason for the increase in the number of work killings with each passing day so far in the work accidents in violation of the provisions of the legislation that can be foreseen that the result of the death of heavy taxpayers result in death, but not punished with any punishment or small punishments, said the termination.

“In the press release we made on 12.01.2018, we announced that our colleague Gültekin, who works in TCDD Edirne Electrification Chief, was exposed to high voltage and seriously injured while working at the transformer center of TCDD located in Büyükmandıra town of Kırklareli Province on 11.01.2018.
Today in the history of 17.01.2017 unfortunately our friend JUST got a LETTER as a result of JOB. First of all, we wish condolences to his family, relatives, lovers and rail community.

If a worker has lost his life as a result of a business murder, he violates the provisions of the Labor Law and the Labor Law numbered 4857 and other regulatory provisions in the scope of the Occupational Health and Safety Legislation. Those who violate the provisions of the legislation in the work murders to date have caused the deaths of the foreseeable / heavy installments, but they have never been punished, or we see that the proceedings have been terminated with minor penalties. Hence, business murders are increasing day by day. We require prosecutors and judges to implement all the principles and rules of the law in a thorough and fast manner in the prosecution of work murders.

General Directorate of TCDD R & D Department Head of Department of Occupational Health and Safety Operations Branch Tuna AŞKIN; In 27.10.2017 History and E.410162: yaz konu The opinion of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security on the history of interest (d) received in the history of 18.10.2017 and the issues mentioned in the opinion letter dated 17.05.2014 date and 33273 previously issued by the Ministry of Finance should be assigned. In this direction. Provided that after the date of 02.08.2013, occupational safety specialist and occupational physician should be employed in the workplace physician or occupational safety specialist according to the Law No. 17.05.2014 stated in 33273 dated and 16331. such as the assignment of additional payments to the relevant personnel by making the assignment to work for the works that are not responsible; it is inevitable that it may cause responsibility for the persons concerned to pay an additional payment to the personnel even if it is not legally possible to withdraw an obligation to be fulfilled from a certain date. In accordance with the opinion of the workplace employers who employ less than fifty number of work safety experts and workplace physicians do not make the assignment of information and requirements in ”with the order that the personnel-worker's safety of life is not important, the safety of employees in the direction that the end result of the efficiency of the work that emerged as a result of labor regulation.

Although there are many Occupational Health and Safety Specialists with inin A inin and karş B emes Classes in the institution, it is the Job Provision for not giving the kullanıl Specialist Health and Safety Specialist Uzman duty on the grounds that ler appropriations will not be used efficiently “besides their primary duties.

This painful event, how cheap human life in Turkey once again we have shown the painful way. However, in a well-established organization such as TCDD, it is never accepted to make work security so bad and to make working conditions so dangerous.

In our country, although general laws and regulations concerning labor safety are enacted, the general legal arrangements are not only discharged in the institutions in particular, but the general regulations are not complied with due to their administrative weaknesses and personal interests, and the pressure on the employees is causing these work murders. and they are increasing every day.

To provide full security for the job security, as we have stated by submitting reports to the TCDD management; While competent, knowledgeable and qualified people should work in the relevant units and full implementation of the legislation on occupational safety, TCDD management has reversed everything in recent years with its orders and practices.

With workplaces and business combinations, the staff can work on floor-top jobs, as if this were not enough, staff were forced to work in different business areas at the same time. While doing this, the ears are clogged in our screams that professional, scientific and academic qualification is essential.

On the lines where the railways are operated by the electric train, the personnel works in the works subject to different tension groups between 220-154.000 Volts. In particular, it is forbidden to operate without the N high voltage driving license de with the short name EKAT in the voltages 1.000-154.000 Volt. It is also a necessity to have an electrical engineer in such workplaces. However, in this case, none of these obligations were respected and our friend died in this case. And in this way, applications are still going on.

At this point, why should not an electrical engineer have been assigned to these workplaces and why the personnel working in these workplaces are not sent to the courses to receive an EKAT certificate. In the 2016, when the personnel are sent to these courses, one should be questioned why the staff dispatch to these courses is stopped and the officers must be punished.

In relation to this incident coming from the roller in the substation; It should be questioned which of the transformer chiefs, catenary chiefs and telecom chiefs working in business and workplaces with different voltages. Approximately 5 years ago within the framework of the TCDD Restructuring program, this 3 separate business and workplace merging under the name of Electrification Chiefs and personnel, flexible, business legislation should be started to be questioned, this big mistake should be returned.

It should be explained that, as a union, the lawsuits filed in the Council of State, aksi procedures and legislative annulment yeniden should be complied with, and the workplaces that were closed and closed should be reopened.

In our previous statement, this bitter event showed how wrong these business combinations were, but also raised other question marks behind the incident. What has been done in the 5 day? Why has the General Directorate of TCDD not yet taken steps to investigate the matter? With regard to the incident, ONLY going to the staff on the spot at the moment would mean covering up the crimes, covering up the crimes of other executives who have responsibilities in the formation of these job murders. It should not be overlooked that this is a consequence of long-standing misrepresentation and personnel policies rather than an instant mistake. Therefore, this job murder should be investigated in depth.

The concrete situation in which this event occurs is much more than “combining the 3 separate workplace Bu. Because these business mergers on the road and facilities are completely independent from each other section of the 1 years ago has been made, the occupational safety is now completely destroyed. And this painful event was experienced in the Railway Maintenance Departments, which were created as a result of these inseparable assemblies.

All personnel working in the relevant departments of TCDD are in very serious danger because of these wrong policies and practices. Therefore, TCDD management should draw lessons from this painful event and end this merger and closure. Otherwise, it is likely that these work murders and accidents will increase. There is no need to be an astrologer to say that accidents that will cause loss of life in the workplaces of the Railway Maintenance Department and the Railway Maintenance Service Directorates under this Department will continue to occur. Existing arrangements and races, unqualified manager appointments invite work accidents.

We repeat once again, this statement we make about this work murder is also a criminal complaint in the legal and administrative sense, causing these incidents, creating legislation deficits, forcing employees to do jobs they do not know, conducting business with non-legislative orders, Judicial and administrative proceedings should be initiated urgently against those who refrain from doing so, and those responsible should be punished.

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