BTS, TCDD does not work against accidents

BTS, TCDD does not do the necessary work against accidents: BTS Sivas Demirdag freight train and the maneuvering train collided and the 4 mechanic injured in a statement about the accident, TCDD criticized.
Unions Transport Employees Union (BTS) in Sivas Demirdağ, the freight train and the maneuvering train collided, and the 4 mechanic was injured in an accident.
The United Transport Workers Union (BTS) made a written statement about the collision of the freight train carrying the iron ore and the maneuvering train from Divriği to Iskenderun. 4 mechanically injured in the result of collision as a result of treatment in the hospital said Divriği State Hospital, Light injuries and the loss of life is the only consolation expressed in the statement, in recent years under the name of the restructuring of the privatization work carried out under the name of the network increased the accidents were recorded. In the region where traffic accidents are more intense than other regions in the past due to similar accidents in the past attention to the statement, about the increase in railway accidents, Delegation in the assignment of power, the same work in terms of wages and working conditions in terms of differences between the staff, the application of the Train Chief removed , the short duration of the mechanic training and the shortage of personnel, maneuvering the train maneuvers with incomplete personnel, flexible operation are the first reasons that invite the accident. Basically, what causes accidents is the restructuring and privatization. With these applications, fatal accidents have increased in railways. It is an easy approach to link the responsibility of these accidents to the personnel fault Bu. Despite the increase in the accidents and continuity of the TCDD management said they did not do the necessary work to correct these accidents, the correction of the working conditions and the emergence of privatization practices and the lack of personnel should be eliminated as soon as possible to emphasize.

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