Good News for Ankara residents No Hike in Public Transport Fees in 2018

public transport service for citizens of mourning and citizens in Ankara opened
public transport service for citizens of mourning and citizens in Ankara opened

📩 28/03/2021 09:51

Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna, after the first live broadcast on the news screen appeared on the A News. A News Ankara Representative Murat Akgün answered questions of President Tuna; ”In 2018, EGO will not raise public transport charges,“ he said.

After taking office, he continued to sign new decisions taking into consideration the demands and requests of the people of the Capital City, and he gave a new gospel to the people of Ankara after the heralds of 24 hourly uninterrupted transportation service and transfer of balance in Ankarakart. 1 January 2018 announced that there will be no increase in public transportation fees of the Metropolitan Municipality.

President Tuna answered questions on many issues to be implemented in Ankara, from transportation to urbanization. President Tuna; . We will not raise the transportation in 2018 because transportation is very important for our citizens. We want to relieve our citizens at the transportation point Ulaşım.

Emphasizing the ongoing efforts to provide modern and quality services to the people of Ankara, President Tuna's second gospel on transportation was aimed at reductions. Tuna, who said that a discount on the price of single boarding AnkaraKart; Uz We're downloading 4 pounds from 3 to 4. We are making efforts to get tourists to Ankara. We have made such a decision for our guests and our citizens who do not have enough money in their pocket. The one-pass card was previously transferred to 3 TL and then it will be XNUMX TL. We wanted to download more, but because of the cost, but only saves. We're not gonna raise transportation. Citizens going to work, going to school. Transportation is essential; transportation is a social issue. We will continue to subsidize transport. We will cut other expenses Diğer.

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