TCDD Transportation 88 Worker Procurement Applications Started

TCDD Transportation recruitment applications started. With the publication of ISKUR ads, TCDD Transportation 88 application page has been opened for public personnel.

TCDD Transportation personnel recruitment applications started. Turkey Business Association (TEO) was begun with the release of classified applications from the website. Within this scope, the recruitment of 88 permanent staff will be made within the scope of TCDD Transportation. High school graduates can apply to public personnel. Applications will be received through ISKUR.

TCDD Transport will be made in the position of the recruitment, the train constitutes the worker. Istanbul, Ankara, Malatya, Elazig, Sivas, Kütahya with a lot of staff to be held with each workplace and a different number of quota was given to the workplace.

Graduates of vocational high schools can apply for recruitment. According to this, applications for rail systems, rail systems, electrical electronics, rail systems, rail systems, machinery and rail systems, mechatronics departments will be received.

The application requirements also include the requirement that the 2016 year KPSS score be at least 60. In addition, the personnel assigned to the workplace, at least 5 for the period of time and will not be able to request the task of displacement was made. For this reason, it was recommended to see the workplace and working conditions before making a choice.

TCDD Transport public personnel recruitment applications will continue until 21 December 2017 date. Until this date, candidates must apply through ISKUR. You will be able to reach more detailed information via ISKUR job seeker system. CLICK HERE to reach the number of places by ad text and provinces.

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