Samsun Logistics Village will be the gateway to 5 thousand people

Samsun Logistic Village's story in the Money Detective will move to the screen this week's guest of Cem Seymen Samsun Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz was.

It hosts the International transportation project in Samsun, Turkey's Yilmaz President stating that it is advancing confidently towards becoming Logistics Center, CNN Turk Money Detective program that offers Cem went Logistics village with Seymen prepare and told us over the output story came out here.


The economy, employment, all the details until employment from exports reaches the teller to Seymen Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz, voicing great significance within the scope of Logistics village of Turkey's 2023 goals, "Logistics villages have a feature that ease traffic inside both the town and also will accelerate the transportation. In this way, Turkish products will reach the world more easily and can compete more easily with global capital. It is also very important that our products, which reach all around the world via land-rail-air and sea transportation, will bring significant benefits to our country's economy and our city. Besides, it will create a great job. 5 is a center that will provide thousands of jobs. Now we can say that the project has come to an end. This will be the place where Samsun's economy will be. Bur

Logistics Center, which will add great value to the economy, is explained in detail in Sunday's evening at 22: 00 on CNN Turk screens.

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