Young Caught Under the Train in İzmir Died Disastrously

Halil Bingöl, 19, at the Halkapınar station in Izmir, died under the İZBAN train and died at the scene.

According to the information obtained; The incident occurred at İZBAN Halkapınar station yesterday at 23.00:XNUMX. Halil Bingöl was under the İZBAN train, which made the Friday-Aliağa flight for an unknown reason. Those who saw the incident reported the situation to the health and police teams. The medical teams who came to the scene after the notification determined that Bingöl had lost his life. The lifeless body of Bingöl, who died badly under the train, was removed from the Izmir Forensic Medicine Institute morgue for an autopsy after the prosecutor's examination.

The engineer of the İZBAN train was taken to the police station for his testimony.

An investigation was launched against the incident.

Günceleme: 19/12/2018 16:50

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