Approval of ASELSAN's Railway Welding Design Works by Türk Loydu

Aselsan, which is the locomotive of our defense industry, has accelerated its efforts to develop the critical technologies needed in the railway sector with local opportunities. Adapting its experience in power electronics to the needs of the railway industry, Aselsan continues to work on the development of local signaling and hybrid locomotives in addition to draw frame systems and drawframe control units.

As it is known, the internalization of the EN 15085 standard series, which regulates the quality requirements of the welded manufacturing of railway vehicles and components, is of great importance for railway systems where welding quality directly affects safety.

Türk Loydu, which is authorized to certify manufacturers according to this standard, has conducted a certification audit for Aselsan to design welds and as a result of the audit, Aselsan is entitled to be certified according to EN 15085-2. kazanIs Her.

In line with the vision of strengthening domestic industry in all sectors of our country, we also believe that our sustainable development in the domestic railway industry can be ensured by continuing cooperation among manufacturers, operators and certification organizations.

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