85 Percent of Sivas High Speed ​​Train Project Completed

The Governor of Sivas Davut Gül held various meetings in the Yıldızeli district and some towns and villages in the district.

Our Governor Gül, who first went to Güneykaya Town, was welcomed by Yıldızeli District Governor Yusuf Cankatar, Municipality Mayor Mehmet Akpınar and citizens. Gül examined the high school construction with 14 classrooms at the entrance of the town and received information from the contractor firm about the latest situation.

Then the Governor Akpınar, headmen and citizens come together with the Governor Rose, listened to the problems and demands of the town.

After contact with Güneykaya, the Governor Rose, who went to the village of Akören, examined the carpet on the village and made a penalty shootout on the carpet field. Gül also visited the construction of the kindergarten with 5 classrooms.

Governor Gül and Yıldızeli District Governor Cankatar attended the out-of-school security meeting in the Land Registry Directorate Meeting Hall in Yıldızeli district.

Speaking here, Gül stated that they aim to ensure that children continue their education without any problems on their way from school to school. It was this issue of our Interior Ministry instructions and an application was started from a single source in all of Turkey. Our police officers who will be in contact with the head of the school parent association and the school principal in all of them, especially the schools with more incidents. Second, the camera system is installed in all schools and this camera request is integrated into the security system of the safety. Another issue is services. There will be no standing passengers at the shuttles. There won't be two people in one seat. There will be no stools in the services. Another important issue is the nutrition of our students. Released dishes, the way the dishes are presented, whether there is hygiene or not is one of the works we will follow. ” said.

Rose then moved to the high-speed train construction site and received information from the company officials about the latest state of the high-speed train construction.

Underlining that the construction of the high-speed train should be completed as soon as possible, Gül said, “It has reached around 85 percent. A good figure. We do whatever we can do. If you have caused the harm of the citizens in any way without you, you should arrange it duly. ” spoke in the form.

Günceleme: 19/12/2018 16:39

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