Updating Samsun Transportation Master Plan

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality stepped into the field in updating the “Samsun Transportation Master Plan” that will shape the next 15 years in urban transportation.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, Department of Transportation, Planning and Rail Systems, according to the statement made by the developing technology and new transportation models in line with the need to update the transportation plan in the main plan Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, 2032 to create the plan to shape the urban transportation to the face of the Samsuns face-to-face interviews and street started traffic counts on intersections and highways.

In order to determine the transportation needs of the citizens, to get the demands and to shape the new transportation master plan in this direction, expert teams will be interviewed face-to-face in the dormitories of our citizens, in the dormitories of the citizens, and the vehicle count will be made at 750 separate points.

The surveys will be carried out in selected households within the boundaries of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality within the 17 district by TurkStat sampling methods.


Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Transportation, Planning and Rail Systems Department Head Kadir Gürkan, who gave information to the press with the work in progress, said; He explained that within the scope of updating the “Samsun Transportation Master Plan”, they started to work on the field, and with the new plan, they aimed to determine the necessary policies and investments for a safe, comfortable and sustainable transportation system.

The daily journey data will be collected and the transportation requirements will be estimated in the future by taking into account the travel characteristics. In addition, within the scope of the plan, road network proposals, public transport system line and operating plans, rail system investment proposals, pedestrian and bicycle path development proposals, parking policies, intercity and rural transport links to projects such as creating a scientific base, traffic counts and passengers, driver The current transport structure of the city with bikes and pedestrian surveys will be studied.

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Günceleme: 19/12/2018 16:36

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