30 thousand people became internet literate with the Easy Life with Internet Project

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan stated that 30 thousand people who did not know how to use the internet within the scope of the "Life is Easy with Internet Project" are internet literate.

In his speech at the 3rd Easy Life with the Internet Meeting, Arslan stated that the human resources of the countries are the main wealth that manages, transforms and offers the service of the nation and humanity.

Therefore, for 15 years they take steps to enable Turkey to look confidently to the future by investing in human highlight Arslan, he said:

“We have established broadband internet infrastructure in all of our schools. We provided internet from satellite to those without cable access. We opened information technology classes. We sent millions of computers to our schools. We have established public internet access centers in districts, townships, libraries, public education centers. With the FATİH project, we turn all our schools into smart classrooms. We turned the informatics key in education, we hit the gas. ”

Arslan, Turkey's IT infrastructure by drawing attention among the best countries in Europe, the country's 780 thousand square kilometers of them take broadband internet, he told us they had fiber cable length of 106 over a thousand kilometers from the 304 thousand kilometers.

“We built the ways of reason all over again”

Indicating that they have built the “paths of mind” throughout the country, Arslan said, “With 4,5G, we carried the IT paths from land to air. Today, whatever accessibility is in Istanbul is the same in Kars. ” found the assessment.

Indicating that the information society will be completed with the electronic state, Arslan said that with the “e-Government Gateway”, 349 institutions have been able to perform 2 jobs over the computer.

Said development thanks to Turkey's adaptation to the information world that the world is more than 10 times faster until Arslan, was recalled launched a campaign to ensure the use of the internet in each household.

In this context, Turk Telekom, for citizens to meet with the internet yet Arslan Kars, explaining that they requested a special tariff studies, they began the campaign in Kars said they wanted to spread all over Turkey.

Arslan, referring to the studies on the removal of the Fair Use Quota, “As of May, we made a speed correction in the Fair Use Quota restriction and removed the usage from 02.00 to 08.00 at night. We are completely removing the Fair Use Quota at the end of next year. ” used expressions.

“There will not be a single household without Internet”

Noting that the “Life is Easy with the Internet Project”, which was implemented in cooperation with Türk Telekom, Habitat Association and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), will be a pioneer in becoming an information society by teaching how to use the internet more efficiently.

"Projects in Turkey's 4 provinces, with close to 54 years away, saying the internet is not only described the use of village, town, our citizens can be incorporated into computer usage is learning to use the internet and computers. With this project, our people do not only learn to do e-banking business, e-government services in daily life, but also to increase their business by selling the products they produce, the crops they grow, and to contribute more to their family budgets. ”

Minister Arslan pointed out that 35 thousand people, mostly women over the age of 30, who do not know how to use the internet before, are internet literate within the scope of the project, which was carried out in order to make everybody benefit from communication services equally. there will be no single households deprived. ” he spoke.

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