Battery Powered and Solar Powered Tram Exports from Denizli

The company established by an electrician in Denizli on the industrial site, exports trams that it produces to electricity and solar energy to 13 countries.

Tahir Öztürk, the owner of the firm operating in an industrial site in Merkezefendi district, told reporters that he has been working on electrical systems since 1986 and that they have developed electric buses before.

In recent years, such as the site and park closed-circuit systems for the production of electric trolley Öztürk, explaining the power of the trams, US, UK, Albania, especially the 13 exported to the country said.

“Last year, we exported 150 thousand dollars including battery train and other products. "Our goal is to double it." Öztürk said that they finally received an order to be run on Istanbul Street in Düzce.

Explaining that the nostalgic tram they produce with a cost of about 3 thousand liras in a 400-month period using local materials has a capacity of 21 passengers, Öztürk stated that the tram gets 15% of its energy from the sun.

The battery-operated tram's replacement as a diesel engine also noted that it has Ozturk, there is a tram that has these properties in Turkey, if the rating, said they aimed to focus on this area.

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