Alcoholic Drive Entered Tramway

Alcoholic Driver Entered the Tram Road: In GAZİANTEP, the driver of the light commercial vehicle entering the tramway out of control was found to be 1.81 promil alcoholic.
The incident occurred late at night on the Boulevard Sarıgüllük Zübeyde Hanim Boulevard. Allegedly, under the direction of Hacı Yeter 27 YZ 147 plate light commercial vehicle lost control of the steering wheel. The vehicle from the control of the driver, the tram entered the road. 3 friend next to the driver injured by accident reported the situation to the police on the phone. Notice that the control of the police teams on the vehicle driver Hacı Yeter was identified alcoholic 1.81 promil. While the driver was taken to the Police Station to be questioned, the light commercial vehicle was lifted by tramway which was closed to transportation due to an accident.




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