Uninterrupted Public Transport Service Started to Adana City Hospital

Uninterrupted public transportation service started to adana city hospital
Uninterrupted public transportation service started to adana city hospital

Adana Metropolitan Municipality, the 82 20 bus to the giant health center or even began to make 415 expeditions a day.

Adana Metropolitan Municipality, last 18 1550 bedside in Adana City Hospital, which started patient acceptance in September, organized transportation services in order to facilitate the transportation of the city population. Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, 82 bus in the vehicle fleet 20 or even 415 expedition to the citizens of the giant health center began to provide uninterrupted transportation.

By means of air conditioned and comfortable buses, Adana Metropolitan Municipality, which provides the mass transportation of the average 105 thousand citizens per day, has put into practice the planning for the citizens coming from all over the city to come to Adana City Hospital, which has recently opened on Mithat Özsan Boulevard in central Yüreğir District. According to the program of the Department of Transportation, 82 began to carry passengers to the Adana City Hospital by bus, 20 or even 415 daily. 5 thousand personnel served in the 16 thousand patients who began to provide polyclinic services to the City City Hospital on which lines were carried out as follows:

112- Buruk Center- Kozanyolu-Balcali
116- Y. Dogan-Kozanyolu-Balcali
121- Yeşiloba-Disaster Houses- Balcalı
122-Levent-of-Balcalı Barajyol
123-Yeşilbağlar-of-Balcalı Barajyol
130-Hadırlı-of-Balcalı Barajyol
131-Akkapı-of-Balcalı Barajyol
135-Airport-M.Özsan Bul-Balcalı
140-Yeşiloba Toki Evl.-Metal Industry-Balcalı-Toki Evl.
144-Real-New Sample-Adana BTÜ
151- Real -2000 Homes-Balcalı
153 Shambayat-100. Year-by-Balcalı S.Demirel-k.evr
154 Real-T.Özal-Balcalı
155-Balcalı-to-Tellider Hospitals
156- Real-2000 Houses-Blue Boulevard-Balcali
160-to-Balcalı Gülselpaş
113-Old Province-Hospitals-Balcalı
152-Balcali-Old Province

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