TRANSİST 2015 Partner City, SEUL

Partner City of TRANSIST 2015, SEUL: IETT, which has 144 years of history and the end of public transportation, is the eighth of the International Transportation Technologies Symposium and Fair under the leadership of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Istanbul Congress Center, under the leadership of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. organizes in.

Unlike the previous years, TRANSIST 2015 opens its doors for the first time in cooperation with partner cities.

SEUL, the capital of South Korea, responds to the transportation needs of its crowded population with innovative public transport solutions thanks to its strong and developed infrastructure; 8. TRANSİST 8 which aims to present new innovations to the participants. International Transportation Technologies Symposium and Fair is one of the ambitious collaborations.

The organization will attract attention to the mass transportation; institutions and authorities such as companies, universities and non-governmental organizations supplying products and services for metropolitan and provincial municipalities, public transport modes in national and international areas.

This year 8. opening of the TRANSIST; Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, Istanbul Governor Vasip Sahin, Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Dr. Kadir Topbaş, Rector of Yıldız Technical University Dr. İsmail Yüksek, General Manager of IETT, Mümin Kahveci.

'' London's legendary Mayor at the Symposium ''

Intense participation is expected in the symposium where Ken Livingstone, the founder of the C40 Group, the first ever elected Mayor of London, will be present as a speaker, bringing together the world's largest 40 city on climate change. In addition, Prof. Ralf Borndoerfer, EPA (European Parking Association) President Nick Lester - Davis, as well as internationally renowned opinion leaders will also be featured as keynote speaker at TRANSIST 2015.

Main Theme '4P' at the Symposium

'4P': Transportation, Productivity, Parking, Paratransit (Alternative Transit), organized for the purpose of dissemination of the public transport culture, and will be attended by international countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Jordan, England, India, Saudi Arabia. Modes) theme will be discussed. The symposium will be held for the first time this year with the cooperation of Yildiz Technical University.

The organization and exhibition of 100 will take place in the Exhibition and Innovation Exhibition of the organization.

In addition to the fairs and symposiums, there are many events such as award ceremony, project competition, workshops and personal development trainings.

The organization will be crowned with the award ceremony

TRANSİST 2015, which is organized in order to produce innovative solutions for the public transport sector in order to create information sharing, planning and application culture, increase productivity in the sector and increase public interest in public transportation, will be crowned this year with deki 7 Project Competition in Different Category Toplu.

With the theme of ler 4P in Public Transportation X, the owners of photographs and short films capturing the striking moments of public transportation such as buses, metro, tram, metrobus and ferry will meet with their awards.

Thematic Buses Coming

IETT, which has been stuck to 5 nostalgic vehicle original and is a gift to Istanbul traffic, will add a new one to the vehicles and also meet the visitors with 3 pieces thematic buses.

Designed for children to be educated and play games, KREŞBÜS, İETT date and current materials will be exhibited, SERGİBÜS and CINEMABÜS prepared for the public to present to the public will be displayed for the first time in the scope of the Transist Symposium and Fair.


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