Dutch Future For The Cable Car

Alanya Tourism Promotion Foundation took its place at the Netherlands 50 + Beurs Fair for the retired and post-age tourist profile, also called the third generation.

SEPTEMBER 2017 The Uluslararası May 2018'n, the Alanya Tourism Promotion Foundation (ALTAV), which aims to promote 34 international fairs and festivals in Alanya, has been launched at the 25 International 50 Plus Beurs Fair in Utrecht, Holland. Kerem Sidar, who represented Alanya at the fair, in the name of ALTAV, said:, 25 this year. 19-23, which opened its doors once, has great interest in 50 Plus Beurs Fair in Utrecht, Holland. At the fair where approximately 100 thousand visitors are targeted, products and services that can meet all needs of Dutch people over the age of 50 are on display. From home and garden furniture, healthcare products, sports goods to daily necessities and of course holiday and travel fair attracts great interest.

In this fair, which we participated in the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Alanya has great interest. Most of Alanya in Turkey and my interviews with exhibitors at the higher age groups learned they experimented with beautiful memories. Although the decline in the number of visitors and tourists from the Netherlands in recent years, the necessarily come again, and enjoy the service they received in Turkey are expressing they could not find elsewhere. The cable car that has been in service in Alanya in the past months is also very popular here. They want to experience the ropeway they have been listening to from their friends who live in Alanya or are on holiday.

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