Why foreign tourists always use the cable car in Bursa

Why foreign tourists always use the cable car in Bursa: Since the renewed cable car has been put into service in Bursa, it has been used mostly by foreign tourists. Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe recently stated that “Uludağ cable car is 80 percent foreigners. It is not used much by Bursa residents. ” So, why do people from Bursa use the cable car less? Here's the answer…

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's Teleferik A.Ş. The 'cable car free to the people who come with the flag' campaign, which was organized last year with 10 thousand people a day, will be launched on Thursday, October 29 this year. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe stated that they have implemented different activities to celebrate the Republic Day with enthusiasm and announced that those who came with the Turkish Flag on October 29 this year will be transported to Uludağ free of charge by a cable car.

Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe also noted that Uludağ is one of the most beautiful mountains in the world, but the people of Bursa cannot discover these beauties. Stating that 80 percent of the visitors using the cable car are foreign and not used by the people of Bursa, Mayor Altepe said, “We are organizing our campaign this year in order to both celebrate our Republic Day with enthusiasm and to show the beauty of Uludağ to Bursa people. According to meteorological data, the weather will be nice on October 29. We will organize different events in Uludağ, our preparations continue. Our citizens who come to the cable car with a flag in their hands will be able to go to Uludağ free of charge. We will live the feast together enthusiastically. We would like to thank Teleferik A.Ş for their support. We expect all the people of Bursa to go to the cable car with their flags on October 29, ”he said.

These statements of President Altepe became the subject of criticism on social media.

Because the people of Bursalılar prefer not to use the cable car they could not choose that they do not prefer.

The reason why the citizen could not use the ropeway is the tariff, which is quite mobile.

According to the tariff determined by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, 20 TL per person per trip to Uludağ, 30 TL for round trip ... It costs 4 liras for a family of 120 to go to Uludağ. It is impossible for citizens struggling to make a living with minimum wage to use the cable car with this high wage tariff.

In addition, the "people's day", which is said to be implemented on the cable car, was also forgotten. Therefore, it has become more difficult for Bursa people to go to Uludağ by cable car…

The cable car will be free on October 29, but the question of how possible it will be to have an enjoyable journey at an extreme intensity will find the answer next Thursday.

DOĞADER President Murat Demir said in a statement to Today in Bursa: “Both the cable car was made in a way that was against the procedure. It was put into service at such an exorbitant price. A foreign firm eats the skimming of this. A foreign company wins, not a municipality, which cannot make the ropeway with its own resources. Anyday excursions are not required anymore in Uludağ! Hoteliers demand that citizens stay in Uludag, people are asked to spend more money! In order for the ropeway to be an environmentally friendly project, you have to eliminate the obligation of people to use the road. It is more economical to go to Uludağ by car when the wage charges are like this. Most of the cars are empty. If you spend energy, lower the price, people should go to Uludağ not by car, but by cable car. If this is not achieved, the cable car is far from being environmentally friendly. ”



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