Read the Cable Car

Read the Cable Car: Denizli Metropolitan Municipality's project by signing a large-scale cable car every day continues to meet its visitors. Teleferik, which has a great visit from Denizli and from the districts, takes the citizens to take a great stroll along with the tremendous view of Denizli.

When you go up, Bağbaşı Plateau and the bungalow houses located here are unique. Our citizens enjoy this scenery and beautiful outing.

What's the cost of getting into the lift? What is the cost of staying in Bungalow Houses? When the ropeway was built and put into service, the free 1 month was free of charge for citizens. Later on, the cable car continued to serve as 5 TL per person. Lastly, 1 was 6 TL 0 months ago. The cable car, which does not pose any problems since the day it was built, gives confidence with regular maintenance. There are even those coming from the neighboring provinces to visit the over-crowded ropeway. The last time the cable car was 7 TL did not discourage citizens. The Ropeway, which continues its service and takes you on a great journey with the unique view of the sea, takes you to the Bağbaşı Plateau which gives you peace and happiness with its magnificent smell and beauty. You are on the plateau in the 6 minutes. When you go to the plateau to the eyes after the foliage park tents you enjoy the magnificent beauty of the Bungalow houses. These houses, even with a fireplace, are highly acclaimed. Although the cost of staying criticized, it is definitely a great beauty.

The value of the bungalow houses, the 90 TL weekdays 110 TL breakfast and dinner at the end of this house, which leaves a beautiful moment for guests

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