Both you and your car should go

Both you and your car should go by the autokshet train: Passengers' cars, motorcycles and so on. Turkey with motor vehicle - allowing travel between Austria, TCDD Transport Inc. operated in collaboration with Optima Train Otokuşet demand is increasing with each passing day.

21 train began its voyage in April, June 14 2017 from Austria to Turkey until the date of 651 and 1059 passenger vehicles, from Turkey to Austria and 74 129 vehicles carrying passengers carried.

Turkey (Edirne) - Austria (Villach) travel between the 28- 32 hours completed Otokuşet train, will run until November 8 2017.

The train, which allows passengers to travel safely and safely in bed and sock wagons without their vehicles or vehicles, is directly to the city of Villach, Austria; from here it gives you the opportunity to reach Central and Western Europe easily.

Tickets can be purchased at the Otokuşet Train, Ankara, İstanbul (Haydarpaşa - Sirkeci), Adana, İzmir, Eskişehir and Konya garays.


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