Cars and tram collided head to head in Gaziantep

📩 07/12/2018 18:16

In Gaziantep, the car and the tram collided head-on: The car allegedly trying to pass at the red light on the tramway in Gaziantep collided with the tram head on.

Gaziantep University Medical Faculty Hospital in front of the collision of the car with a car accident in the crash or death of the car was not damaged in the tram with the property damage occurred.

According to information obtained, the accident occurred at the University of Gaziantep on the University Boulevard Medical Faculty Hospital occurred at noon. Allegedly, the red light to cross the tram via the road that wants to pass the plate and the name of the driver can not learn the car, the city center in the direction of the city centered on the tram collided.

While there was no accident or injury in the accident, material damage occurred in cars and trolleys. Police teams took security measures on the street while the tram road closed to traffic.

After the tram stops, long queues occurred in the vehicle traffic.

An investigation into the accident has begun.

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