Karşıyaka Arrangement of Bus Lines on Tram Line

📩 17/12/2018 18:17

Karşıyaka Regulation on Bus Lines on the Tram Route: Completed the construction of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Karşıyaka With the "normal operation" process that will start on July 1, some arrangements were made in the bus lines and stops in the region.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality completed the pre-operation process Karşıyaka Starting from Saturday, July 1, the tram starts regular flights. Thus, the "pre-operation process", in which the transportation, which takes about 3 months, is made free, ends. The frequency of the trip, which was approximately 20 minutes in pre-operation, was arranged as 1 July every 10 minutes from the stops. As with all other public transportation systems Karşıyaka Passengers will be able to travel using İzmirim Card and benefit from the 90 minutes transfer system.
In both directions, the first tram will be launched at 06.00 in the morning and the last tram will be completed at 24.00 at the end stations. In the smart passenger information boards at the stops, the tram will show how many minutes to stop.

Traffic density will decrease
With the new period that will start on July 1, arrangements have been made at bus lines and stop points in the region. Within the scope of the arrangements made to reduce the number of buses and traffic density along the tram line;

Schemics number 221-Karşıyaka Scaffolding and Mavişehir TransferKarşıyaka The pier lines were arranged to make the last stop at Bostanlı İskele.

The route of Çiğli Transmission-Bostanlı İskele line with the number 547 was revised to use Hoş Caher Dudayev Boulevard ın and 6323 Street instead of ay Bestekar Sadi Hoşses Street X.

The stopping points on Caher Dudayev Boulevard were reduced. In this context, Karya, Pelikan, Cahar Dudayev Boulevard, Aegean Science Museum stops were canceled. Passengers in the area will be able to take advantage of the Mavişehir and Dispenser stops on Caher Dudayev Boulevard.

During pre-operation Karşıyaka The temporary bus stop area created at the Nikah Sarayı Tram Stop in the direction of the pier was also canceled due to normal operation.

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