TCDD Transport Inc., 1 500 XNUMX Person at the Festival

TCDD Transport Inc., 1 Million 500 Persons Carried Feast: TCDD Transport Inc. General Manager Veysi Kurt and Deputy General Manager Mehmet Uras, the company was celebrated with employees.

General Manager Kurt, 1 2017 January 500 as the date of the commencement of the duty TCDD Transportation Inc. in the first feast of high-speed, conventional train and a million XNUMX thousand people in Marmaray shared the pride and happiness of the company employees shared with the company.

1 million 500 thousand people without accident without accident without his loved ones

General Manager Kurt, addressing the employees of the company, said that millions of citizens in the holiday have come together with their loved ones to come together and to make a holiday. Stating that he should be proud, he said: N In the month of Ramadan, we tried to be with my colleagues by making a thousand kilometers on the 1. Bayramda also continued to visit my colleagues. Feast of millions of passengers at the holiday by accident to our loved ones. This is not easy at all. I was in Konya. The temperature was 500 degrees. We provided high-speed trains with five-star hotel comfort. Likewise, our operation staff and mechanics were able to perform their duties in the best possible way and brought the trains to their targets. As someone who has been working on railways for the 40 years, I know this is not easy. With labor, experience, dedication, knowledge and love we achieve this. I want to say that. 44 years in the hands of someone with a pen as a paper, we can be a shortage of resources, our spaces may be narrow, but very large service. It He said.

Our company has provided 50 million plus revenue increase, 100 million plus added value in the first six months

Kurt, 1 January 2017 officially began working as the date of the company with the same train and the same mechanic income 50 million, emphasizing the increase said: in 1 billion tons of freight trains, high-speed trains 500 thousand passengers carried on more than thousand. In YHTs, we have generated more than 20 million liras. 20-30 provide million plus added value, 100 million plus added value. I believe as much as my heart that we will do better things no matter what the circumstances are. "

This Company All of us; We must adopt the company as our own company

. We will trust each other more, we will love each other more, we will believe each other more. In any case, we will know how to learn to learn from each other. Brotherly, friendly. We love you. We have 25-30 annual law from here with my friends here. General Manager Veysi Kurt, who has drawn attention to the railway culture, said, Kurt This company is now our own property, like all of us, its real train and its real passenger, its real logistics. I look at it like that and I believe my friends like that. Please increase your belief. No matter what anyone says. I'm telling these figures as an 30 year-old railroad, these values ​​are very important, the staff performing these values ​​are very valuable. You need labor and experience to achieve these values, must accumulate, need dedication. The trainee goes to the train, the worker, the officer, and the supervisor have these qualities. I respect those people, friends. I love these people. We need to love and embrace these people more. We need to look at ourselves in a different way. We are achieving these as a modest company. We're gonna make more beautiful things. "

We'll be talking about bigger numbers in the next holidays

Kurt stated that he took note of his notebook today and said that they will talk about higher values ​​in the coming holidays. I believe that if the life goes on we will talk to you at higher values ​​in the next holiday. Maybe even you won't believe these numbers. We will give each other our hearts, our love, our conversation, our brotherhood. In this way, we will continue our way with this belief and determination. Bu

I am leaning in front of our machinists, this profession is another profession

He also drew attention to the challenges of the mechanics profession and said, “My machinist friend has to pay close attention every second. These people need to bow in front, I say. This profession is another profession. Despite the heat, holiday and funeral, they have to deal with this profession. I invite you to think this way. I congratulate you on your feast with these thoughts. Regardless of the circumstances, I believe that we are a big company, we will do much bigger things with determination, and I want you to believe. We will continue to love and trust each other. Together we will reach more beautiful days and more beautiful holidays and more beautiful business results. We will work hard in unity to turn our company into a brand company in the world and in the Middle East. Let us all open the way and the bet. Ols

Kurt also thanked the President of the Department of Passenger Transportation Erol Arıkan and his colleagues for the smooth service of the trains during the holidays.


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  1. The average number of people traveling on the holiday 25 million, it has been traveling by rail 6. This is not success but failure. It should have been at least% 20. It is a dream to reach% 10 even if you do not consider the comments and suggestions I wrote on this site.

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