Karşıyaka Flights started on Tram

Karşıyaka Started on the Tramway: Pre-operation flights with passengers continue Karşıyaka The technical malfunction that occurred in the morning on the tram has been fixed. The flights started again at 14.45:XNUMX. After the power on the line was cut, the teams, which checked all the catheters one by one, determined the source of the problem and made the necessary intervention.

Suspected of theft
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality officials who stated that it is normal for minor problems in the pre-operation stage, but only on the possibility of an interruption of the cables on the line due to an intervention made for the purpose of theft.

The authorities said that a short circuit occurred in the morning before the first time, even when the energy was energized. We think that they benefit from the lack of energy even at night due to maintenance work. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we initiated the necessary attempts to investigate the incident. We apologize to our fellow countrymen for the short-term disruptions in the expeditions. ”

Günceleme: 16/12/2018 17:16

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