Level Crossing Accident in Zonguldak

Accident at Level Crossing in Zonguldak: In Zonguldak, the passenger train collided with the car trying to pass through the crossing while the level crossing with automatic barrier was closed. Vehicle driver was injured in the accident that occurred.

Zonguldak Kilimli district between the Lightning and Çatalağzı stations Eren Port at the entrance of the level crossing the passenger car collided with the passenger train.

According to the information obtained, the accident occurred today around 7.00:05.50 in the morning. The passenger train number 22302 departing from Gökçebey at 67 set off to make the Gökçebey-Çaycuma-Zonguldak flight. At Işıkveren, the level crossing with automatic barriers collided with 469 ZN XNUMX plate cars trying to pass while the barriers were closed.

After the accident, the passenger train was stopped immediately by the mechanic. The train personnel and the incident, the vehicle driver Murat Soner removed from the vehicle caught by the incident, was taken to the hospital by 112 Emergency Medical teams were called to the scene.

While there was major material damage in the car after the accident, the automatic barrier system at the level crossing was damaged after the train hit the car.

After the accident, the car was brought to the trailer of the tractor, which was brought to the scene.

An investigation into the incident has been launched.



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