Konya Wheat Market YHT Terminal Works

Konya Wheat Market YHT Highlights of the last situation in the work: Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Tahir Akyürek, the parking lot about a thousand cars in the Bedesten region, Agriculture Museum, workplaces and social areas will be exemplary studies in the construction of the historical Ottoman Wheat Market examined. President Akyurek, the underground car park under the project 29 planned to be launched in October, he said.

April 2017 Provincial Coordination Committee meeting was held in the new council building of the Metropolitan Municipality under the chairmanship of Deputy Governor Mehmet Kamil Sağlam.

Hasan Kılca, the Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, took the first word at the meeting. Kılca, as the Metropolitan Municipality, gives information about the projects that will be done and will be done in Konya, “The construction of the Old Wheat Market restoration continues at full speed. The original will be renewed. ” said.

Selcuk University Technical Affairs Coordinator Assoc. Mustafa Yıldız also gave information about the classrooms and service buildings that will be completed at the university. Yıldız said, “The construction of the central classroom will consist of 11 thousand 750 square meters. It will be put into service this year. ” said.


High Speed ​​Train Traffic Manager Ünal Sayıner also made an explanation to investor organizations about the new train station work planned to be made in Konya Wheat Market.

Ünal Sayıner stated that work has started on the new station and said, “Cable displacements have been completed. The line on the existing high speed train operating route… We will temporarily close one of the lines in the construction section. We made preparations for closing ”.


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