Kardemir Left the First Quarter of the Year with Production Records

Kardemir Left the First Quarter of the Year with Production Records: Investments in capacity building and activities to improve efficiency continue to be reflected in production results in Kardemir. Having closed 2016 with record productions in 70 different production parameters compared to the previous year, Kardemir broke new records in the first quarter of 2017.

Production increases of 2017 tons were recorded in the first quarter of 150.000 (January-February-March period) compared to the same period of the previous year. According to this; While liquid hamdemir production in blast furnaces increased by 38% from 402.472 tons to 551.358 tons, liquid steel production in the steel shop increased by 33,4% from 455.216 tons to 607.434 tons.

In the first quarter of the year, there was a significant increase in final products. Record productions have been reached in Ray-Profil and Continuous Rolling Mill. In the Ray-Profil Rolling Mill, the production of Ray, Profile, Angle Bar and Mining Post increased 47% from 72.271 tons to 106.307 tons. Total production of net rolling products increased from 85 tons to 233.334 tons with an increase of 319.175 thousand tons.

In Kardemir, record activity results were achieved in 2017 different parameters in January-March 24 period.

With this performance in the first quarter, Kardemir surpassed the liquid steel production record of 2 Million 172 thousand tonnes of liquid steel production last year.

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