Will TCDD make purchases in KPSS 2017-1 for the cadres it has created?

Will TCDD be recruited to KPSS 2017 / 1? : It is wondered whether the TCDD made a statement to the DPB for its appointment in June. However, TCDD officials say that no work has been done for the purchase.

KPSS 2017 / 1, which is the next assignment of TCDD (State Railways), makes the candidates who are waiting to be appointed to the DPB to make notification to the DPB for their central procurement, especially the engineers.

It is extremely uneasy for the engineers waiting to be appointed to the institution to be told that no work has been done for the recruitment of engineer candidates looking for the institution, although 1 weeks remain.

As it is known, 10 was published in the Official Gazette of January 2016 120 for the central organization of TCDD and 250 Engineer for the provincial organization.

However, due to the turmoil in the institution, no staff was requested from the DPB at the two central acquisitions in the 2016 year. The confusion at the institution is now resolved.

Transportation Inc. was completed. There is no obstacle for the purchase of engineers needed, and rightly, engineers require that the 370 engineer recruitment be used for the 2017 / 1 June assignment.

In summary; TCDD, which is one of the leading institutions of our country, which is already developing with the investments, has not been demanding for the last two acquisitions.

The high-rated engineer candidates who want to look to the future with confidence are expecting the announcement of 2017 / 1 headquarters from the new General Manager of TCDD, Isa APAYDIN.

Source : www.kamupersoneli.net

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